Salman Khan’s Breath is Going Out!

Salman Khan is the invisible magician. In his magic, nine to nine people were lost. What he does is superhit. But slowly, the illusion of Bollywood’s brother-in-law is going to be ineffective. From him the visitors are turning away. And its evidence was found in the Indian TV channel ‘Ten Ka Dhoom’ shore. Even Salman’s newly released ‘Race 3’ movie is also out of the race ground. According to many, Salman should now choose the movie according to his age. It is better to not show the old bone velaki. Does Bollywood’s Dabang Khan run out of breath?

Nine years ago, Salman Khan, who had walked in the television world through Soni’s ‘Ten Kai Dum’ Shore Again, with the help of his hand, the ‘ten ki drum’ came back to the screen. Nobody thought about it in the Sony Authority. Because, Sony’s incredible confidence in Salman. They resumed the ‘ten kine dust’ on the back of the Bollywood sultan’s strength.

Sony thought that the channel would do good business due to Salman’s countless fans. But he could not fulfill the hope Bhajan He could not show good performance on this show. And the show was thrown from the TRP rating. Earlier, ‘Ten Kai Dhoom’ would take place on Monday and Tuesday night from 8am to 10pm. But now the time has been reduced to an hour because the show’s TRP is down. Now the ‘ten kine breath’ is circulated from eight in eight to nine and a half to nine.

Salman’s ‘Race 3’, like ‘Das Ka Dum’ Shore, is gradually falling in the box office. The film, which was released during Eid, did great business at the beginning. ‘Race 3’ made a record in the first three days. But since the fourth day the film has started to show original colors. Now the ‘Race 3 market is in the mood. However, this picture of Salman is considered to be the highest earning picture on the first day of the year. As the first day earnings, ‘Race 3’ has thrown ‘Padma’ and ‘Baghi to’ behind. On the first day, the film is about 29 crores.

According to film astrologers, the total revenue of the film directed by Remo D’Souza may be Rs 170 crores. Meanwhile, the budget of ‘Race 3’ is said to be worth Rs 150 crore. To hit the image, at least 200 crores will be earned.

Though the actress in this film is very strong in acting, the actors have been criticized very much. Besides, the film’s dialogue is very weak. Image critics have criticized the film. Even the brothers of his brother are turning away from him. It seems that Salman’s breath is running out.