Russian President Vladimir Putin took up arms in his own hands

Russian President Vladimir Putin took up arms in his own hands. Kalashnikov also targeted a new sniper rifle. Prior to the appointed time, one of the world’s most prominent leaders has told how well he is capable of running guns just like the field of politics.

President Vladimir Putin went to Russia on Wednesday to launch a Kalashnikov Concern named weapon-making company. He went there to see the arms and saw the arms. Once again, the proof of his worth.

Russian television shows have shown that Putin fired after specs and headphones fired at Google. He shot firing from a position near the Kalashnikov company’s gunpoint near Moscow. He fired from the distance exactly as the target was. Putin was seen as a professional when he pressed the sniper’s trigger. Putin fired five times. Be able to reach successful goals in less than half each time.

Vladimir Putin laid the foundation stone of a military theme park named Patriot in the country in Moscow. From there, Putin appeared at the spot to shoot Kalashnikov’s company near Moscow. There fired on them.

Kalashnikov is the world’s most widely known AK-47 rifle maker. There he said that the Syria campaign has made Russia more prosperous. The army’s arms store has become very sophisticated and strong. Russian will face any first-round weapon in the world.