RSS is bringing Soap made from Dung and Gomutra, Modi will be Kartwa!

Soap made from dung and gumutra coming to India’s market. One of the country’s right-wing and extremist Hindu nationalist organizations, State Autonomous Union Sanghatana (RSS), a subsidiary company, will build this product. Besides Modi and Yogi Kurta will be sold.

According to the Times of India, RSS has run an institution named ‘Deen Doyal Dhham’ in Mathura, India. This institution has planned to bring about 30 products made from dung and gumutra market. These products will be sold online too. The deal was signed with Amazon India.

National Autonomous Union Sangh is said to be the BJP’s grasshoppers. That is, BJP was born in the interest of RSS. But not one under RSS, there are many more organizations. These organizations work with different fields. They are called the Sangha family as a whole.

Meanwhile, Manish Gupta, Assistant Secretary of Dina Dahal Dham said, “We are collecting dung and gumto from our cattle farm. They will be used to create soap and other cosmetic materials in the skin. Dung and Gomutris will be the main components of these products. “The Times of India also said that clothing like Modi and Yogi Kurt will be made in Deen Doral Dham.

RSS spokesman Arun Kumar said that the decision to sell new products online to e-commerce site has been made to provide employment to local residents. Arun Kumar expressed hope that the local people will be on the path of economic freedom through this.