Ronaldo threw Challenge to Messi

This time La Ligata has grown quite a lot. Even after 15 matches, it will not be known who will be the title of this year’s title. In the last few seasons this year, it was certain that the La Liga title would go to any city. But now there is no joe to say this. But there is still a lot of rest in La Liga. Because, like Messi, there is no light in him, no one else can compete with him in Spain.

Cristiano Ronaldo has reached Juventus this season after spending nine seasons in Real Madrid. As a result, the challenge of Vishwasar is not stuck in Spain anymore. Both Messi and Ronaldo are spreading light this season. But both of them in different leagues. Ronaldo has adapted to the new league. Broke the 60-year-old record for Juventus starting the season. In such a situation, he had to forget about Spain. But Ronaldo can not forget about one. Contest Messi! La Gajetta says to Delo Sparte, ‘I might miss him (Messi) a bit. I have played in England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, all over the country, and have remained in Spain. Maybe, I need more. ‘

And that’s why he wants to come to Messi in Italy, again a little challenge will emerge between the two, “Life is challenging to me. I like the challenge and I want it to make me happy. I would like it if he too came to Italy one day. Do what I have done. Challenge Nick But he is happy there, I respect it. He is a great player, a great man. But I do not miss anything (Spain). This is my new life and I’m happy. ‘

Two of the best of the ages have been busy with themselves, but so many days. But many things have changed this year. In the last decade, this year’s best player has won all the prizes, except for the two. Ronaldo, the former team-mate, has bestowed all the trophy of the best player in the world. Without Messi, few people have done this job in the past decade. And no one could do without Messi in the Ballon d’Or competition. Ronaldo was ahead of Baron d’Or this year. His 15 goals were a major role because of bringing the Champions League to the Champions League.

His friends and family expressed disappointment over this. Ronaldo congratulated Madrich in his congratulations, ‘I think I should win Ballon d’Or every year. I work hard for this. But not all is not finished. I respect this decision. In the field, I did everything possible to win, the number does not lie. But I did not get it, I’m less happy, not even that. I have great friends and family, I play for one of the best clubs in the world. Do you think I go home and cry? I must have been disappointed but life goes on. I’ll work harder. Anyway, congratulations to the Medrichek, he’s worth it. But I will meet again next year and I will try to win the best. ‘

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