Ronaldo Night in The Fancy!

Cristiano Ronaldo once peeked at the irony of the window! How long it can be accepted! The important match the next day. You have to sleep, or you! But their intention is to not let Ronaldo sleep. And Iran’s supporters chose a little curved way to do this.

If you see, Iranians are going to sing just music. But after a little bit of suspicion, why such wild rejoicing? Iran lost 1-0 in the last match against Spain. There is also doubt about going to the second round. Why do you have to be beaten to death in the night and the night? The answer came out to look for a little bit.

Yesterday’s talk The night has passed down in Russia, in the evening. The Portuguese team is busy with sleeping arrangements at Mercure Hotel. The next day, Portugal-Iran are depending on the match, the two teams are not going to the second round. Everyone would like to sleep well. At that time, a group of Iran-backed supporters gathered under the Portugal hotel

Pran up is far behind in the power of Iran, its supporters know very well. Iran will win today in the fight for survival. Portugal will also leave if drawn. Apart from that Portugal has one Ronaldo Alone one hundred! The supporters then got the idea out. Ronaldoir’s room with a drum-flute was set in the night at the hotel room! Like Ronaldoos, the players of the night are unlawful!

This strange attempt, but not enough. Ronaldo has suffered a lot. The supporters were shocked by this and the Portuguese forward itself, pointing at the hotel’s window, was having trouble sleeping. I feel like stopping! This video has been viral.

Prothom alo Today, Bangladesh will be understood at 12 o’clock in the morning, how much profit has been done by Iran, this is how profitable Iran is. Sleeping in the night will be the supporters of Iran!

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