Ronaldo gave his relationship so quickly

Remembering his emotional letter by farewell to Real Madrid?

“Real Madrid has made a place in my heart … I’m leaving this jersey, but wherever and wherever I am, this club and Santiago Bernabeu will be my part,” wrote Ronaldo in such a letter. But who knows, shortly after joining Juventus, he will sever all relations!

There has been a lot of noise about what Ronaldo did. Ronaldo has made ‘Anfollow’ in the social media, Real Madrid, who is one of the best footballers in the world, after playing Manchester United. Did not go wrong Ronaldo has made ‘Anfollow’ on his Instagram account with Real That is, in Instagram, he is no longer a follower of Real.

It is the practice of changing the address of the football professional world. Ronaldo added Real to the genre as Juventus. Prior to that, Ronaldo won the record for most records (451), highest goals in La Liga (311), highest goals in Champions League (105) and four Champions League titles. Ronaldo removed himself from the club’s follow-up list ‘Getting place in the heart’!

Not only that, following Juventus, no other club can be followed. This trend is usually seen in the star pair. If the relation is broken, many of the stars do the first thing that isolate them from social media. Why did Ronaldo do so quickly, why did Anfollow, the Spanish media has started rumor

Ronaldo is now pursuing Juventus after showing professionalism. In Instagram, he is now the ‘Follower’ of the Italian club. But the Portuguese star did not make ‘Anfollow’ of former Real Madrid teammates. In addition, he has also followed the former two coach Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane in Instagram. Did not he end up in the realm? But what about Ronaldo really irresistible? The rumor has been heard so long!