Researchers have developed more advanced GPS

Global Positioning System, which is called Global Positioning System in Basic English and In short, GPS. GPS technology is being used on smartphones with location identification. Researchers say they have been able to improve GPS in smartphones. GPS will work more accurately in this Researchers from New Zealand and Australia researched the issue. This information has been reported in an IANS report.

Researchers at the University of Otago of New Zealand and Curtin University of Australia have created a system consisting of information from four different Global Satellite Satellite systems, to determine the location of something from smartphones to centimeters.

In the Journal of Geodesy, a research paper has been published.

Atlanta University researcher Robert Adolinsky said that mathematical methods have been used to signal global navigation systems using affordable smartphones. As a result of the new capabilities, the applications that need to be identified at the centimeter level can be done. That is, the position of an object can be accurately determined.

Researchers Adolynski said that two waves are used in a new method, but collect more satellite information. This is called ‘multi-constellation’ gnss solution. Using additional information and mathematical methods, it can be accurately measured.

Researchers say that the use of this method can be used to accurately track car position, survey, and surveillance.