Question about the Mentality of Neymar and Mbappe

The new season of the champions league has started All teams have played one match in the group stage. In the new season, the taste of the old matches. The start of the last two finalists was won by. Cristiano Ronaldo has lost João Lucas Real Madrid Real Madrid Liverpool have lost the strong PSGs to win. And Liverpool’s victory led to a storm of criticism over the Neymar.

Anpheld 3-2 difference rate is not a bad result. Liverpool are very good in front of their fans in front of the team. Nevertheless, Keilian Mbabpe, Neymar or Edison Cavani are being criticized. All three of them have not given attention to the maintenance of the party, and others are not taking the responsibility of keeping them safe. And most of the criticisms are Ballon d’Or Jean Jean Pierre Papin.

The PSG is showing a lot in the French league. But in the Champions League, he’s lost. In the group stage in the last season, however, it started very tense. This time the rate in the first match. Not only is the Liverpool rate close to Liverpool. The most expensive attack in football history last season did not yield expected results in difficult matches. PSG has lost both the home and away games against Real. Bayern Munich also lost in the field. But in the Champions League, PSG has spent a lot of money to get success. Papin is blaming the three of the attack, “PSG is not a hero, but an ego (arrogant star). Whatever you are, you have to work for the team. The star that we see in France and there is a difference between the outside stars. We can not handle them in France. If Liverpool can play them together, why can not we here? When Neymar was playing in Barcelona, ​​he would definitely help the team.

This former forward-winner, who won the Champions League from AC Milan, claims that Neymar-Mbappad’s mentality is a problem, ‘they have the skills, they will always be there. It keeps players in DNA. There is no problem there. But they have to play together. With this power they will have to be able to benefit all around. Who is the best star of the team, do not bring it to the head. The goal of the club is to win the Champions League. But if he does not have any thinking on the head of the players, he will not be able to do it in his life.

Papin is the main obstacle for the PSG not to face tough opponents in the French league. Differences are being made in Europe while playing with a tough opponent. But Papin is optimistic, once he is defeated by a big opponent, Neymar-Mbappera will find the way, ‘winning a match that will change everything. PSG never lost a great team. They are so powerful … After all the victories in France, now in Europe, PSG has to ask to show their respect. When we played in Marseille, whenever I wanted to lose a big European team, I wanted to lose. They might have been ahead of football skills and techno, but mentally we were strong.

Neymar-Embap-Bufon’s team will now be able to outsmart a lot of European teams in football. If you want to meet the mental energy deficit before forget about the star. Neymarara can do that?