Pretty fascinated by the premiere, From today’s theaters to Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale

A decade ago, the trailer of Docudrama made with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was published a few months ago. Rezaur Rahman Piplu the creator of the trailer that was published just before the birthday of the Prime Minister, surprised everyone. Today’s release from the four theaters of the country, from Friday, Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale, created by the remarkable story of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s general life.

Before the release of the documentary, three special exhibitions were organized by the Center for Research and Information (CRI) and Apple Box Films. Invited guests were impressed by the docudrama on Thursday and two premier shows of the evening. Some people silently cried out by the stories of struggling Sheikh Hasina. Again he was surprised to see Hasina.

‘Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale’ is a joint production of Docudrama CRI and Apple Box. Pipulu tried to highlight various aspects of their families in the form of Bangabandhu Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Rehana in Docudrama.

On Thursday afternoon, the crowd gathered at the Bashundhara Star Cineplex in the afternoon. Premiere ministers, MPs, politicians, media personalities, producers, small-screen actor-actresses, movies and music people were present. Radwan Mujib Siddique, son of Sheikh Rehana, was present at the premier program of Bangabandhu family.

Finance Minister Abul Maal Abul Muhith was impressed by the ‘Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale’. He said, ‘This is an unprecedented and black documentary documentary. It is not only about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, but a variety of aspects of a human life have been reflected here. A very worthwhile photo. We learned a lot about the new one. Touching the heart is a documentary. ‘

Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar said, “I have not had the experience to see what Has seen on the screen at the age of seventy years,” Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale “. It’s an extraordinary biopsy. ‘

After watching the docudrama, the people related to movies, songs and television plays gave their opinion on Facebook. The guests who attended the premiere came out of the cinema to the fascination.

‘Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale’ is being displayed on the silver screen of Dhaka’s Star Cineplex, Blockbuster Cinema, Madhumita and Chittagong port city. In these theaters, Dhaka’s Star Cineplex has decided to showcase five exhibits every day. There is an exhibition on blockbuster cinema today, but two exhibitions will be held in the rest of the week. There will be four exhibitions in Madhumita today. On the other day of the week will be three exhibitions. The Silver Screen of Chittagong will show two exhibitions every day.

‘Hasina: A Daughter’s Tail’ performed by Devujrima in the film ‘Dukudramaya’, Devjunoti Mishra of India. He was in the premiere show yesterday. To the present guests, he said, “Many more people need to reach the image. Call on everyone to see the image. Thanks to Piplu for making this film an opportunity to work.

Regarding the documentary, Piplu said, “We have been able to make this film in our entirety for five years.” Although I did not think of doing anything at the beginning. Initially, we wanted to keep the Prime Minister’s personal actions. Two years later, it seemed to be something extraordinary. Because, the entire life of the Prime Minister is so dramatic, everyone knows that. Here, I have tried to tie these small stories of his life into one thread. ‘

It is viral after the release of the docudrama trailer in social media late September. From filmmakers, MPs, ministers and politicians shared it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Everyone was waiting to see the whole documentary.

In the four theaters’ release of ‘Hasina: A Daughter’s Tel’, Piplu said, “There is some limitations in the documentary. We gave them the picture at the beginning, those who showed interest. Want to see what the audience is interested in. If viewers are interested, then increase the number of theaters. Let’s see the audience in four theaters now, then we will decide based on the needs of the audience.

‘Hasina: A Daughter’s Tale’ depicts the stories of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s life in her own independent perspective, Director Piplu said. He has played the character of ‘Hasina’ (Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina) dramatically, but in the role of heartfelt expression, sometimes in the role of Bangabandhu’s daughter, sometimes a sister, sometimes a leader or the whole country as ‘Apa’. His personal being above all things In this 70-minute documentary, his family members were seen besides the Prime Minister. Awesome moments of Sheikh Hasina’s ordinary life have emerged. Where he never used to be a girl, a mother, a sister, and sometimes a leader of the masses.