Pressure on Zuckerberg to quit CEO of Facebook

Starting with Russian intervention in US elections, the user’s personal information scandal-Facebook’s list of threats is getting taller. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is in great danger. Investors are increasing the pressure on him. Calling him to step down from Facebook’s chief executive Jonas Crone Senior Vice President of Trilium Asset Management, owner of a large part of Facebook, asked today to move Zuckerberg back on Saturday.

Recent discussions surrounding Facebook’s critics have created new discussions. A New York Times investigation report recently increased pressure on Zuckerberg. According to the report, Facebook has hired a political consultant and PR company owned by a Republican politician. The New York Times claimed that the company has given the company the responsibility to malign their critics. After expressing such a statement, there is uneasiness among the investors. After the publication of the news, Zuckerberg was asked to step down as chairman of Facebook.

Jonas Crone, Senior Vice President, Trilium Asset Management, owner of a large portion of Facebook shares. On Saturday, The Guardian reported that he urged Mark Zuckerberg to leave the board of the Board of Directors after the New York Times report.

Jonas Cran said that Facebook is behaving like an organization dependent on single person. But the company is not actually. This is a company. It is necessary for the company to be separate from Chairman and CEO.

According to the New York Times report, Facebook hired Defenders Public Affairs, a Washington DC-based Republican firms, who screwed rivals and critics as well as rivals PR. TechCrunch has said that the propaganda organization of a Republican leader is not neutral.

Zuckerberg however denied this accusation. Mark Zuckerberg said after the report was published in the New York Times, he discussed it quickly after seeing it and severed all relationships with Facebook with that company. Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sheryl Sandberg also claims the same.

According to Reuters news agency, there is pressure on the Facebook chief executive to move ahead of the incident.

According to The New York Times report, Falcons led by Facebook In the last three years, Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg have avoided numerous warnings. When Facebook was in danger of foot and foot, they were busy with other projects. The main problem did not take time.

In a report of five thousand words about 50 people interviewed, it has been said that when the message came to the ears of Mark Zuckerberg in a Cambridge analytics intervention in US Presidential elections with information from Facebook users, he blown the whole subject in one word. Those who were responsible for the security of information, they had previously warned Mark of possible risks, but he did not take the time.
Sheryl did not have good relations with former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos Stamos began investigating without the permission of the Sheryl on possible interference in the elections. In 2010, when the Facebook’s board of directors told about the incident, Sheryl got angry. Stamos left Facebook

The New York Times report also said that Facebook was so busy with internal problems that it could not be seen outside the storm.

Earlier, in October last year, Zakirbagh urged to withdraw from Facebook’s leadership. Investors seeking the removal of Mark Zuckerberg are involved in scandal and controversy. Treasury Treasuries of New York, Road Iceland and Pennsylvania were proposed by the Board of Directors to remove him from the chairmanship.

Zuckerberg holds all the power of the company in the hands of Zimbabwe So they think that the Facebook image will be bright only if Zakirbarg is not there. Earlier, he was asked to vote to remove him. But the proposals have always been rejected.

In 2017, a proposal for shareholders to cancel an independent chairman was canceled. Because, because of the huge shares of Zuckerberg on Facebook, a proposal from outside is virtually symbolic. What is Zacarbagh desperate to save Facebook, that’s what to watch.