President Trump is concerned, junior can go screw

Donald Trump Junior Special Counsel can join the investigation in Russia. President Donald Trump is concerned about the issue. For this reason, he has increased his public debtor against Robert Mueller. The White House sources said on CNN.

Trump is worried several months, Müller’s investigation can reach his family, especially his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. But in recent weeks his vision focused on his child. One who has spoken regularly with the trump, told one such CNN.

This is one of the common causes of Trumper against Müller. Because, do not want trump to touch his family of Mulea. That person told CNN. Shah cement

Trump Jr. and his lawyers have said all the time, he said the truth along with (Trump Junior). However, many people in Tramp’s family think that Trump Jr. in public and Senate Judiciary Committee claims that he never told his father about meeting with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower in search of mischief against Hillary Clinton in 2016, it is not right.

Longtime lawyer Michael Cohen of Trump is preparing to testify, before the trump tower meeting was held, the president knew about the matter. The sources informed about this, sources told CNN.

Trump denied, he knew this relationship before the meeting was held.

Some people near the President – such as White House’s former communications director Anthony Sternamuchi and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon – believe that trumps are very rarely aware of the events.

Earlier, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Republican (Iowa) Chuck Grassley told CNN, “If he has led the committee on the wrong path, then he lied to the Congress. It’s a crime. However, it is the duty to look at the counsel, not mine. ‘

The President said this week for the first time that attorney general Jeff Suezen Müller’s investigation should be ‘closed’. In recent weeks, he also increased personal criticism against Mueller.

At the beginning of this week, what is the reason that Kohin is going to tell in the testimony – Tranconse Junior lawyer, Alan Futurfas, released a statement after CNN reported.

Futurfus said, “We have investigated this matter a year and every information we have on our fingertips. We are absolutely sure about the accuracy and reliability of the Donald Trump Junior Information. ‘

The White House refused to comment on the President’s concerns about the son and sent the questions to Tram’s lawyer team.

The Washington Post released a report on Trump’s concern on the impact of the investigation on Trump Junior on Saturday.