Possible 13 people Trump administration foul-mouthed

On Wednesday afternoon, the New York Times released a sub-editorial anonymous. The true story of Trump administration in the ‘Apocalypse Inside the Trump Administration’, which is ‘I am part of the world’, has emerged. Trump’s behavior, his disagreement with senior officials, and many other issues came out. But that has been written by the AdAd, it has started discussion. In an analysis by CNN, CNN published a list of possible 13 people as an author of that ad-add.

CNN said in their report, the article is extraordinary. But its author has been identified as a senior officer of the Trump Administration. In the writings, writers and his colleagues are running a half-open campaign movement in the tram administration that the President can not do much harm to the nation.

The author of that op-ed said that many senior officials of the Trump administration have been working diligently to curb all the agenda and bad desires frustrated by Trump.

The US National Security Council thinks that the article did not have too many sources to identify the author. In the description of the Times, the name is simply called ‘senior officials of trump administration’. This may be the White House cabinet officer, under secretary or anyone else.

Outside of this, however, another source of identifying authors is available from a New York Times tweet. In the social team tweak, the author is identified as a male (h). Later, a New York Times spokesman said the tweet was a mistake. It kept another draft, whose author’s identity was not known. So it was wrong to use male sex. Eprothomalo

CNN has published a list of possible 13 people as the subcontractor’s author. Find out about them:

Don McGagan
White House Counselor or consultant Don McGon, whose name is listed as the author of that ad-add. Within the next few months, the White House senior lawyer will step down from his post. His relationship with Trump is not warm. The White House has been “uncomfortable with cooperation” in ongoing investigations over allegations of Russian intervention in the last presidential election. In a New York Times report this month, MacGen has cooperated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Special Counsel Robert Mueller was investigating the possibility of Russia’s possible collusion with Donald Trump’s campaign camp in the US presidential election in 2016. MacGen was a lawyer of Trump’s election campaign camp. One of his close friends told the Washington Post that he plans to step down in the coming winter.

Dan Coates
Dan Coates, director of the US National Intelligence Agency, may be a possible writer. Donald Trump has lost his reputation. There have been differences of opinion with the US president on several issues. He talked about the relationship with Russia, he became a president. Former US Senator Dan Quotes, known as anti-Russia politician of the US Mulu Initially, Trump’s criticism came in the discussion. He expressed concern over the trump behavior, speech and the ability to lead the United States. Apart from this, the former Senator referred to the tragedy of indecent remarks against women. However, he supported the Republican Party’s final nomination trump.

Kellyan Conway
President Donald Trump’s Advisor Kellynn Conew has been in the political game for a long time. However, he is going to understand the wind as an intellectual. Meanwhile, her husband George regularly trolls carrying trolls.

John Kelly
White House Chief of Staff John Kelly’s relationship with Trump is not good Kelly thinks that it is only their job to provide services to the public. He can do the task of unveiling a trump mask. Earlier, in a White House meeting, US President Donald Trump was described as “stupid”. Kelly is also questioned about the mental state of President Trump.

Cartwagen Nielsen
The head of the Homeland Security department is known to be close to Karstagen Nielsen John Kelly. His relationship with Trump is not too warm. Apart from this, Nilson’s personal distraction may be on Trump. He has spoken abusively about collection of illegal immigrant information from Trump. Nilsen agreed to give resignation. But he did not resign.

Jeff Sessions
The Alabama state Senator Jeff Sessions may have the reason for writing that op-ed on the Attorney General. As an attorney general, he did not hear a lesser thrust from Trump. Trump complained of using the judiciary against Jeff Sessions for his own political reasons. According to new book written by Bob Woodward, the trump is referred to as Sense’s psychological equilibrium and breaks its pronunciation.

James Mattis
James Matties Trump’s favorite cabinet member. But according to Woodward’s book, Trump spoke to the US Defense Secretary James Matty a strong language. Mattis denies it. Apart from John Kelly and Rex Tyleron, there is talk of James Matches. Matters are often dispute with the trump

Fiona Hill
Hill became involved in Trump administration as a Russian expert. There are many reasons for the anti-trumpet. He has various doubts about Trump and Russia. So during the G20 summit in Germany in 2017, he was absent during the match of Trump and Putin. Hill is known as close to the national security consultant HM McMaster from the White House.

Mike Pence
Mike Pens wants to be president. Mike Pence, who served as Vice President, wants to be responsible for the people. So he can write that writing in the New York Times. The question of whether this kind of writing can be possible for the aspiring pence remains.

Nicky Hally
Like Mike Pence, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nicky Halley is close to Trump. But he is aspiring as a pence. His eyes are in the position of President of the United States. But what will be the purpose of writing that op-ed his?

Jaradhar Kushner and Ivankara are being told to mix them together. They can not write add-ons? They can also write to explain the trump administration. Ivanka said that he would work for him to hear the trump. But Ichanda and Kushner have heard Trump – the evidence is less. Is it a revenge?

Melanie Trump
What can the First Lady Melania write add-ad? When Melanie is angry with her husband or his administration, he can send such a message. Trump and his administration, like the reality of TV, continues to be like Shore, writing such an add-ad for his wife Melanie is not surprising.