Portugal Has Got New Ronaldo And Golden Generation

Portugal shows great shine in age football, Portugal They won the title of the Under-19 Euro Championship in 2016 and 2016. Ronaldo can be at least two of the Champions League champions
What a thrilling match is not! Portugal were 2-0 ahead. Italy 2-2 in the time of the scheduled time. In the first half of the extra season, Portugal again proceeded 3-2. It is 3-3 at the beginning of the second half!

It seemed like the match was going to be penalties, but Portugal went ahead 4-3 in the 4th over. The thrilling final of seven goals. Of these three goals are in extra time Within 104 to 109 minutes! Last Sunday, the thriller final saw the 19 Euro championship. European champion Cristiano Ronaldo of the older Young Europe’s champions are now Portugal

Not only is this championship crown, it is said that Portugal got new Ronaldo through this tournament. Not even Ronaldo, the pair of Ronaldo! It has got a golden generation too. France has won a World Cup after reaching its peak at the highest level of France, coming out of age football. If they can take Portugal’s path on the right path, they can bring a bigger advantage to the country of Eusebio.

The new two Ronaldo of Philippines and Trinquo, Portugal Photo: Reuters
The new two Ronaldo of Philippines and Trinquo, Portugal Photo: Reuters
There is reason to expect such a great deal with this team. Two years ago, this group won almost 17 European championships. There is no other country’s achievement of winning the under 17 and under 19 Euro. The achievement could have been bigger. Portugal went to the finals of the 2013 U19 championship in 2017. Although they have to run runners up to England 2-1. If there were three trophies in Portugal!

But it sure is that Portugal has got a new talent. Their age-based football structure is doing well. Portugal has scored 17 goals in five matches in this tournament. The second highest goal was 7 goals more than Italy. Not only did the goal, but the mental frugity of the team is also getting appreciated. In the final, Italy sent two goals (75 and 76 minutes) in two minutes to Portugal’s net. It’s time to make the game in extra time. But the team has managed to overcome this mental shock.

Joao Phillippe and Phansisco Trinqua have spread the most light. Both of them scored the goal scorer of 5 goals. Ronaldo’s impression in both of the games Both like to play in the left wing like Ronaldo. Like the young man, Ronaldo plays right on the right side of the team also needs the team. Phillip has already got the new Ronaldo’s contract with the introduction of the Jota nickname. In that game, such an assumption does not seem like excessive. Meanwhile, Juventus, Ronaldo’s new address called Trinacao. The big clubs in Europe will keep an eye on him.

If you can afford them properly, you have to keep a separate eye on the 2022 World Cup!