Pakistan will face tough test against Bangladesh: Akram

Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram feels that the final match of the Asia Cup Super Four season will require Pakistan to face tough tests against Bangladesh.

Bangladesh and Pakistan are facing a major match of Super Four in Abu Dhabi tomorrow. The winner of the match will play in the final. The losing team will take part in the tournament. But before such an important match, Akram, worried about his team Pakistan,

Referring to the Pakistan team being somewhat frightened, the former pacemaker said, “We have to face tough tests against Bangladesh. Because, I am disappointed with the performance of Pakistan. This group of Pakistan seems frightened to me. ‘

Pakistan, by winning 8 wickets against Hong Kong, starts the Asia Cup this year. But in the next match in the group stage, Pakistan, with helpless surrender to the arch-rivals India, Pakistan beat India by 8 wickets

Pakistan started their journey with a super-fast win in the group stage. They lost the war-ravaged Afghanistan by 3 wickets. Pakistan, after the Super Four match against India, became confident before Pakistan But India possessed devastating forms of self-confidence in Pakistan. India lost the opening pair of two openers Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma again in the series. The rate difference is 9 wickets. Team India win the biggest win against Pakistan, Team India wins

Pakistan have been worried about finishing the Asia Cup final against India In the final match of the Super Four, Pakistan have not opened any other way to win against Bangladesh. But the match against Bangladesh will not be easy for Pakistan, it seems that the former left-handed legendary paceman Akram

He said, “Bangladesh is a strong team and they are strong enough. The match will not be easy for Pakistan. Tell the boys one thing. Do not think about the fruit and play fearless cricket. It will be free to play. Otherwise it will be difficult to win against Bangladesh.

Akram is quite frustrated with the performance of the team in the Asia Cup this year so far. The group does not like the image of her. So this team looks frightened to Akram, “It looks like the players of Pakistan are scared to be scared. It looks frustrating to see them in the field. When the batsmen come out to bat, they are aware that they are worried. The way the team plays today It is not a good sign. ‘

Many of the ICC Champions Trophy winners are in the Pakistan squad. Asked why the team is upset over this, Akram said, “There is no lack of skill in the boys. But their body language is not good. Looks like grasshoppers and ghazara. They seem to be under tremendous pressure. The batsman is not taking a review even after the out-of-the-match umpire. Non-striker batsmen are not saying anything. It says that the team is under great pressure. ‘