Orgasmic: An Illustrated Guide for Men on Sexually Satisfying Women

by Edward Kenneth Watson (Author), Geoffrey Klepeis (Illustrator)

ORGASMIC: An Illustrated Guide for Men on Sexually Satisfying Women is a multi-dimensional sex education book that helps men become “Sex Gods” and even more importantly, helps them develop and maintain lasting and loving partnerships with their women. ORGASMIC reveals how to make her: • Multi-orgasmic • Ejaculate • Get the most powerful orgasms of her life • Faint (the ultimate bragging right) • Appreciate and value you ORGASMIC tells you why: • Penis size is irrelevant • Knowledge of the pudendal nerve is so important • You shouldn’t follow the porn film formula • Stimulating her mind is essential before stimulating her body ORGASMIC shows where, when, and how to: • Spank to push her into orgasm • Stimulate the G-spot • Use another orifice to give her great pleasure • Be a real man in her eyes ORGASMIC also provides guidance on how men and women can become truly happy-by having partners who love and cherish them. ORGASMIC: An Illustrated Guide for Men on Sexually Satisfying Women is the next step in man’s evolution to sexual and relational expertise. It will help many men avoid the pitfalls that await them as they enter into new relationships and will help strengthen and save other relationships that are in trouble. ORGASMIC is the first modern sex education book that doesn’t feel the need for explicit images and places sex within the context of being part of a marriage or long term relationship. It is deliberately minimalist-no need to fill pages of text when a short sentence will do. ORGASMIC believes that while sex is crucially important, what is even more so is a loving, respectful, and lasting relationship between a man and a woman. However, in order to have the latter in our modern world, a man must be skilled at the former. ORGASMIC doesn’t just help men become better lovers, it helps them become better partners and better husbands. Visit for more information.

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