Open Letter to Microsoft Employees Against Trump Policy

The tram administration has decided to strictly implement the Family Separation Act, which has been under serious criticism of various communities. Microsoft Company employees joined the list.

In the New York Times report, more than 100 employees of the world’s largest software firm wrote an open letter to their Chief Executive Satya Nadella. In this letter, they Microsoft urged Microsoft to stop working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). As soon as they refuse to work with Trump policy, they can cancel the contract with the ICE.

In this letter, Microsoft employees say, “We think Microsoft will take moral responsibility and will give importance to families and children than profit.”

In a letter Microsoft was asked to draft a clear policy, so that Microsoft or anyone with it could not work with the breaches of international human rights law

It has been said in the letter that Microsoft has a contract worth $ 1 million 94 million. ICE Microsoft manages data processing and machine learning using the cloud computing service.

The administration of the White House has been criticized by the separation of the White House for ‘no concession’ to the anointed parents. Now the big question is how will this policy be politically sustainable? Microsoft said in a statement against the cruel policies of Trump, expressing concern over the separation of children from the border with the family.

Microsoft said Microsoft was not involved in a separate project from children to families on the border. They did not support the ICU in any way. Microsoft’s cloud service has not been used in this sector.

Microsoft employees are not satisfied with Microsoft’s statement. They want to cancel the contract with ICE. It is said in the letter that Microsoft is able to profit from their profit, which is not the right to profit for the people.

Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Uber’s chief executives expressed concern over the tragic decision of the tram. The United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner has declared the tram and decision as “unconstitutional”. Then Trump Administration leaves the UN Human Rights Council.