Not Hindus or Muslims, Bengalis Target: Mamata Banerjee

In the draft of the citizens of Assam state of India, more than 4 million Bangla speakers were excluded. As a result, many of the people there are facing uncertainty in future.

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee said, “Hindus or Muslims are not; Bangalis are being targeted in Assam.

A resident resident of Assam told Reuters, the Muslims, who were left out of the draft list, became concerned about their future. We may be sent to the detention center or may be deported.

Although the ruling BJP government says that the list is not intended to be deported. Those who are out of the list can apply for citizenship again.

The census commissioner of India told journalists that the question of taking someone to the detention center or the Foreigners Tribunal is not based on the draft.

A Reuters report said that many people took refuge in India when the liberation war in Bangladesh began in 1971. Since then, most of them started living in Assam state.

Experts say that the BJP has organized this census to create fresh pressure on minority Muslims there. For the first time in any Indian state such census happened.

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