North Korea’s Nuclear Program Is Possible Within A Year: Bolton

US President Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton believes that it is possible to completely eliminate the North Korean nuclear weapons program within a year. John Bolton said on Sunday that the US media participated in CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’ program. He said, since both parties have resumed negotiations, so it is possible.

Speaking about the United States’ own plan for North Korean weapons, Bolton said Washington has made a perfect and comprehensive plan, which will allow North Korea’s largest nuclear weapons and their passive missile inactivity within a year. But Pyongyang’s full cooperation is needed, “he said.

Bolton said, “If they already have strategic decisions and cooperate, then we can start working very soon.” He also said Foreign Minister Mike Pampo is going to be in talks with North Korea’s concerned authorities with a proposal soon. .

Earlier, a report from the Financial Times said that Pampo can visit North Korea this week. But the exact timeline of the visit of the US Secretary of State has not yet been announced.

Meanwhile, experts have criticized Bolton’s optimistic attitude. “It will be possible physically to end North Korean nuclear weapons program within a year,” said Thomas Kentinan, one of the senior officials of President Barack Obama’s Interior Ministry. But I do not believe that it will be possible to check the complete inactivity within a year. The program is in progress – I have not yet received the news of North Korean decision.

In a historic meeting with US President Donald Trump on June 12, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un pledged nuclear disarmament in the Korean valley. But after the meeting, the joint statement was published, there was no detailed description of how and when Pyongyang could abandon its nuclear and missile program.

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