North Korea Makes Missile Again: US

North Korea claims to create ballistic missiles again US intelligence agencies On Monday, the Washington Post reported that detectives have recently made claims based on satellite images and new information-proofs. After developing relations with the Trump administration, many have expressed surprise in the news of creating North Korean missiles.

In June, after the historic meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, both agreed to reduce the number of nuclear weapons creation activities. After the meeting, Trump said North Korea is no longer a ‘nuclear threat’. Trump, however, came under criticism in the United States for not providing any guarantees from him. But in the continuation of the meeting in June, North Korea first annihilated the Kungi R nuclear test center and later announced that it would break a rocket launch center in the month of Pyongyang.

The Washington Post newspaper quoted US officials as saying that North Korea is preparing one or two intercontinental ballistic missiles at the Sanandong Center near North Korea’s Pyongyang.

It also said that the country created the first missile from the center to reach the United States. At the end of June, with the help of US intelligence agencies, the country’s media reported that North Korea is working to increase nuclear power. According to an analysis published by North Korea’s top-notch monitoring group, Pyongyong-based 38 North, the country is continuing with its ‘fast’ work to improve the development of their nuclear research center.

Source: BBC, AFP.