North Korea has been making missiles

North Korea has continued its nuclear and missile programs, disobeying the United Nations sanctions. This has been said in a UN Security Council report.

Reportedly, Pyongyang has increased the transfer of illegal oilseed goods from the ship to the ship and is trying to sell weapons abroad.

A panel of private experts submitted this confidential report to the United Nations Security Council on Friday.

North Korea has not yet talked about the issue.

Last week US officials said Pyongyang seems to be creating new missiles despite recent warm relations with the administration of the US President Donald Trump and the call for nuclear disarmament.

An anonymous US official told Washington Post that intelligence satellites found evidence of ongoing activity on a site for missile construction.

The United Nations report says, “North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs have not stopped and petroleum products and coal are being transferred illegally from the ships to the sea.”

It also says, “Pyongyang tries to sell small and light arms and other military equipment through foreign intermediaries to Libya, Sudan and Yemen.”

Experts have said that North Korea’s activities have curtailed financial sanctions.

The report was published at a time when US Secretary of State Mike Pampo said he was “optimistic” about achieving North American nuclear disarmament.