Neymer, Firmino lead Brazil over US 2-0 in exhibition

Brazil have won 2-0 in a friendly match against New York City in New Zealand. Brazil’s regular captain Neymar has scored the goal. Roberto Fermino scored another goal.

In August 2010, Brazil faced friendly matches against the United States at the Metlife Stadium in New Zealand. Neymar’s debut match for the national team. His contribution to Brazil’s 2-0 victory was one goal. Eight years later Brazil won the same match against the same opponent at the same stadium today.

Just what? Neymar has also been seen in the round. Eight years ago match with the match! There are differences too. Neymar was then newbie in the team. And now he is the regular captain of Brazil. In this duty, I started the new goal and win. That’s the stadium!

There was a lot less than the visitors’ service. In the match eight years ago, about 78,000 visitors met in the MetLife Stadium. And today morning (Bangladesh time) matches in attendance 32 thousand 469 people.

This was the first time Brazil came out of the World Cup quarter-finals. The Brazilian coach put the strong eleven on the field. Fábinho-Marquinhos-Thiago Silva-Phillip preserved Lions with the protection Casemero-Kutinho and Fred in mid-mile And with Neymar on fire, Douglas Costa with Ferminino. A total of 670 million pounds worth XI. Arthur Mello and Richardson’s debut came as a replacement for Brazilian jerseys in this match.

United States interim coach Dave Saracan has brought the relatively young XI to the ground. His eleventh’s average age was 23 years. Many people have speculated that the fight is going to be almost monogamous. That’s exactly what happened. Until 71 minutes, the Brazilian goalkeeper Alison did not take any tests, the hosts’ attack. Earlier, Brazil had won the match. In the 11th minute, in the box, Douglas got the ball from the pass of passes and scored a fine shot of Ferrimino.

Brazil, after possession of almost 65 percent of the entire match, could not then create an attack. Although Neymar got the ball in the position to score in the same way. Two minutes before the end of the first half Neymar got the ball from the controversial penalty. Firmino entered the US box after playing one-two with Fermino. The Brazilian midfielder went on the field to prevent the defender Will Troupe from the minimum. Neymar picked up his 58th goal (91 matches) for Brazil from Spotcill on the Mexican referee penalty flute. Brazil also progressed 2-0. At the end of the match the scoreline.

The United States got the opportunity to pay goals in the end of the first half. But McCain did not get the opportunity to use it. In the second half, Brazil’s Fred also got the chance of goals Forget about the failure of the World Cup, this group of people who are determined to climb up, are proof of the game’s statistics. United States where 383 passes Brazil has 739! Passing Accuracy 89 percent.

Brazil win 18 times in 19 times against United States Brazil will play another warm-up game against El Salvador at 6:30 in the morning in the United States of America on Wednesday.