Neymar, where Messi And Ronaldo Are Better Than

Neymar has played a great role in Brazil’s win against Mexico. He has impressed everyone on the World Cup performance statistics.

Who is the best star of this World Cup? Say, one of the two people was supposed to be, they are not! Both of them have taken the road to the home. But what happened or what went? At least sixteen of the way. Neymar is the Messi-Ronaldo player who made his mark.

Pran up is that Brazil has reached the quarter-finals and Argentina-Portugal has taken home, not for that. An accurate statistics estimate. Where the dancers ‘fall in the dust of the wind’ in the eyes of this boy is the best. The highest number of shots in the defense of the opponent (23) Neymar Neymar is also the player to have the most number of shots in the glove. 12 shots with the goal or on target But this is not the end!

Neymar has played in all four matches of Brazil for his team, for the team-mates. Want proof? The biggest goal for Jesseus-Kutinhod (16) has created this Neymar These figures will surely make the scene of his repeated fall in the opponent’s paycheck. And it’s going to be repeated and read, statistics are there but Neymar’s side. This is Neymar, who is the most foul player ever (23). And the way he handled it, he has more to do with the opponent’s ability to overtake the player in dribbling. Neymar now has 35 successful drawings in this tournament.

Brazil’s forward to another place ahead of Messi-Ronaldo. Neymar has scored 6 goals so far in two World Cups. For this, he had to take 38 shots in the opponent’s goalpost. In the World Cup, Messi and Ronaldo had to score 67 and 74 shots respectively to score 6 goals. Neymar’s record of the World Player of the Tournament Ronaldo is not far away. If two goals are scored, then the World Cup will give the 26-year-old Neymar behind two superstars. Who knows, maybe this World Cup!

More effective than one of the world’s top two players. And it is raining in Mexico. Today, the team just lost to Neymar, and the team missed. From the last sixteen of the World Cup, they were dismissed for seven times! Neymar’s performance is clear in statistics. The last one is in the information. Neymar was also included in Messi and Ronaldo on Paras’s list of the World Cup knockout rounds.

prothom alo Last played the last two knocks in the knockout stage but did not score. In the quarter-finals, he did not allow him to finish the whole match against Colombia in the quarter-finals. Neymar scored the first opportunity in the knockout stage. Argentina captain who lost 2-1 or Argentina’s captain, 4-3, may think that if they open their goals in the last match, maybe they would not have to stop in the second round.