Neymar JR Is’t Going to Rial, 272 Million Mbappe

The 272 million rumors of Abbeep’s riyal rose
Neymar’s buzz was rising in 310 million Euros
There is something that seems to exclude Spain from the World Cup. The Spanish media has discovered the news of any bomb blast every day. As it has been heard two nights ago, Neymar is going to Real Madrid in 310 million euros. This time the bomb is bigger, forgetting Neymar or realizing that Kylian Mbabp is Real!

Tomorrow, another buzz kept the media busy. Cristiano Ronaldo is going to Juventus only in 100 million Euros On the one hand Neymar was rumored to be in the team, while Ronaldo’s discomfort with the tax case in Spain and anger with the pay and allowances were seen by all the importance of this news. Ronaldo has indicated that he will leave the club soon after the Champions League finals.

These rumors have become a little faded today, in the news of the emboss. News has spread in the media in France, French Forward, coming from PSG to Riel in exchange for 272 million euros. In the last season, Mbeepko had offered 180 million Euros to Monaco to pull out from Real. But Embap then chose Paris as his own city.

Ababa is spreading light in the World Cup. Messi has scored Argentina’s goal in the World Cup The main objective of this is to re-look at the nebula from Neymar, French journalist Baptiste Ripart tweeted that Real to agree to give 272 million euros for the emboss, Real. They will give this money in four steps.

Rift tweet has to be emphasized. Because, other news he gave in the near past proved to be correct. The fact that Gatoramine Germain does not go to Barcelona, ​​and Thamas Lemaera will also go to Atlético Madrid, the two reports said earlier that Ripper.

After the buzz of Neymar, Real has claimed the news on their website officially. However, Ronaldo did not quarrel on the news again. After the Embezzar’s news, their reaction might say, whether the ambassador will be Real, who will be five years away from Real Madrid.