Neymar JR In The Next Movie Of Spielberg

Brazilian football star Neymar Junior has got the chance to work in Steven Spielberg’s film after Tom Hanks, Denial de Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio. Spielberg has said that the film will start work soon. Neymar is excited to have the opportunity to act in his famous and influential director’s movie.

Neymar said that after playing in a big club like Barcelona, ​​PSG, the opportunity to work in Spielberg’s film seems like a dream to him. “I had a dream of being an actor in my childhood but I was born in the country of football; So football has to be chosen. But now I am happy to see that dream is going to be fulfilled. The first time I got the news, I fell down on my head crying and crying! ‘

Regarding taking Neymar to the next movie, Spielberg said, “You may have been a little surprised, but I wanted to take someone challenging in the next movie. I was very impressed by the story of his words in Russia. Absolutely art The next movie will be action-oriented. Neymar’s options did not come in my head.

Meanwhile, it is heard that Neymar is practicing to make the film more perfect in the World Cup as a preparation for the film. Although many think it is part of the game