Neymar is above all: Mbappé

Mbappe plays with national players like Grisman, Verney, Pagba and Kant. Cavani, Veretti, De Maria and Neymar in the club. But who is the best of them? Amabapera vote in the box of Neymar!
In the first season, on the ‘side’, Kylian Mbabpe joined the PSG patiently. Immediately after joining, he is fascinated with his teammate Neymar. She does not want the charm to be the end. He told the Brazilian star that he was the best of all. The PSG is different from the national team for Neymar, it also thinks he

For Neymar, the PSG is completely different from the French national team near the Embappe. Why is it different from the French star, ‘France and PSG do not have one to me. For those who play for France, everyone is fairly rough. But not much in PSG. Because Neymar is playing in PSG In my opinion, he is different from everyone else. ‘
Ballon d’Or award in front of After a few days, France Football Magazine has been rewarded as the best player in the world. Stars like Mbappe, Grizman, Salah, Madrice, Messi, Ronaldo, Hazard and Verna fought for the award of honor. But who is supposed to be the recipient of this prize? Although he did not say the name of a certain name, he said in the form of a referendum that France should win any of the French players who won the prize, “I think France should win this year’s award. If it is, then our successful campaign (World Cup win) will be fairly valued.
There is also the expectation of the ambassador ballon d’r. The name of Abba has come as a possible winner in this award. However, the youngest talent in the humble World Cup, by looking at the nominated list, “I want to get the award. But it may not be as true as I am thinking. There are many eligible players in this prize list. So I can not say who will win it. ‘

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