New restrictions US against Russia

The US is going to impose fresh sanctions on the country as it is determined that Russian involvement was involved in the production of toxic chemical gas from Russian intelligence Sergei and his daughter.

The new ban is being imposed on Russia’s sensitive electronic components and the related technology exports. This ban will take effect on August 22 or near.

In a statement on Wednesday, the US State Department confirmed that the country is going to impose fresh sanctions on Russia in this case. Eprothomalo

US spokesman Stuart Nouvert said the United States has determined that Russia has done this act violating international law of use of chemical or biological weapons. Russia has used this deadly chemical or biological weapon against its own citizens.

Meanwhile, the UK Foreign Ministry said in a statement that international response to the use of chemical weapons in the streets of Saltsbury is giving a clear message to Russia. They realize that their excitement and reckless behavior will not be able to get around the world.

The Foreign Office also said in the statement that in the next 90 days if Russia can not guarantee that such acts will not be done and the United Nations does not allow them to visit their sites, more strict sanctions will be imposed.

On 4 March, police recovered Sergey Scorpal (66) and his daughter Ulya Scripala (33) unconscious in the bench outside a market in the city of Saltsbury, UK. It was later known that the nerve agent (toxic chemical gas) was applied to them. The UK has been claiming from the beginning that the Russian spy has applied the gas to Scrippal and his daughter. British Prime Minister Theresa Mayo claimed that her country has tested and found that this nerve agent is made of Russia. Whose name is ‘Navicic’ However, the Kremlin has completely denied the involvement in the matter. The relationship between the United Kingdom and Russia reached its peak.

Theresa mentioned the incident on March 4 that Russia’s illegal use of force in the UK territory. He wants direct explanation from Russia about this. But if Russia did not explain, 23 Russian diplomats declared the expulsion. Russia also expelled 23 diplomats from the UK.

After the attack, Sergio Cripple and his daughter, Ulya Scrippal, became seriously ill. After several weeks of treatment in the hospital, they were cured.

Sergei Scripala was once the colonel of the military intelligence agency of Russia. In 2006, he was accused of spying for the UK. He was sentenced to 13 years in Russia. Then in 2010, for the 10 US spy, the scripts were released from Russia. In that year, the school took shelter in the United Kingdom.

Earlier, the United States thinks Russia has done such work. Previous incidents were against Syria and North Korea. In June last year, Kim Jong-Nam, a senior member of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, was killed with a high toxic chemical element (VX nerve agent). The United States thinks Russia is involved in this incident.