Myanmar Army Chief threatened to return to the UN!

The United Nations Fact Finding Mission has advised to bring the top army officers of Myanmar under trial for ‘genocide’ on Rohingyas. At the end of one week, the army chief, Sen. Min Aung Holding, said on the eve of a threat to the United Nations, “No country, organization or group has the right to interfere in the sovereignty of his country.”

He said the army will continue the work of ‘restoring armed conflict’ to create democratic path of development in Myanmar and that the army will not accept ‘unacceptable demands’ on Rakhine incident.

After publishing a full report of the Finding Mission and the initial investigation of the Rakhine incident in the International Criminal Court (ICC), the first General Min Aung Hing spoke openly about this.

A report by Myanmar’s military-controlled magazine Mayabati said that on Sunday, in an army ceremony in the People’s Democratic Party, General Min Aung Hail spoke about democracy, the United Nations and the Rakhine.

He said different types of democracy practices in different countries of the world are different. A country practices the kind of democracy that is suitable for it. As a sovereign state Myanmar also practices an independent foreign policy and maintains a neutral position in international relations.

‘Moreover, as a member state of the United Nations, Myanmar has ratified the United Nations agreement. Since every country determines their own standards and ideals, they do not have any jurisdiction for any country, any organization or group of people to interfere in their internal affairs or violate their sovereignty. ”

To talk about others’ personal matters, such as a person may have misunderstandings, similarly the intervention of a state may interfere with the same consequences. Myanmar’s army chief warned

The United Nations has been describing the campaign as a ‘ethnic cleansing’ campaign since 25 August, 2017, that millions of Rohingyas fled to flee to Rakhine due to the army’s operation.

The full report of the Fact Finding Mission presented at the United Nations Human Rights Council on September 18 has asked the Myanmar Army Chief and the senior five General to face trial by the International Criminal Court (ICC) or the Special Tribunal for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Meanwhile, the International Criminal Court has started a preliminary investigation into allegations of crimes against humanity against Myanmar Rohingya Muslims.

Myanmar signed an agreement with Bangladesh last year to bring Rohingya back to international pressure but still can not be repatriated.

Rakhine has lived history of Rohingya Muslims for hundreds of years, but in 1982, they were deprived of their citizenship by a single law.

Myanmar’s army and the government want to denounce the word Rohingya without mentioning that there is no ethnic group in that name in Myanmar. Instead, they describe Rohingya as ‘Bengali’ or ‘illegal immigrants’ from Bangladesh.

General Min Aung Hail said, “The law applies to everyone, including the Bengalis.” If you want to stay in Myanmar, then you will have to follow the law. Those who have escaped to other countries, will be taken back after verification by the law.