Mother We Salute You

I know very well as a mother, how every mother has a lot of anxiety for the child. With deep love, by sacrificing the happiness and peace of your life, doing untold hardships, each mother raises her child. Parents also said, but I talked about my mother’s feelings as mother. Parents want the child’s well-being That’s right, want education, improvement, establishment and happiness. But first of all want health and safety. When the state can not provide security, what else might the state want? What else can be expected? There is a point in the back of the wall. Now the condition of the parents and students of our country has fallen, the back of the wall has gone. If there was no determination, no parents would let their children go to the streets at such a young age and in such a lawless country, a terrible unsafe environment.

No question can be raised about the road system that is not safe in the country, many people are injured or killed in road accidents every day. A large number of people are victims of this road accidents. Vehicles increased with population growth, vehicles increased There is no alternative to public transport to keep the people in line with the needs. People are also interested in using them. And if you want to reduce traffic jam, then the use of these will be increased. But, as the public transport, bus-trucks and tempo go on the road, the passengers can fly anytime and any accident can happen anytime. Not only passengers, these vehicles also threaten the lives of passers-by or small vehicles such as cyclists and rickshaws.

The pedestrians have died while lying in the house while buying things from the shop in front of the house. It’s not heard, he’s a familiar one. It is also a very common case that the car has gone over the feet after crossing the road. When the school-colleges are holidays and irregularities, small children can become victims of road accidents at any time. It is behind all this but there is a great deterioration of law and order, irregularities and corruption. Without a license, running a bus-truck, licensed with bribe, driving with a young person or working on a helper, not observing any traffic laws, driving drugs, getting into any kind of accident, even killing people, even after the shadow of the mass grave Survival of any kind of punishment is the main reason behind all the unlimited corruption. When any person comes out of the house, they get out of their hands. In such circumstances, the parents spend the day with fearful anxiety, whether their children can return home properly.

The students protested at 10 rounds of Mirpur demanding safe road. Photo: Prothom Alo
The students protested at 10 rounds of Mirpur demanding safe road. Photo: Prothom Alo
Still, the people of this country have been confused. Today, when their lonely children are on their way to demand this minimum security, then parents will be able to stop them? Children have come to know and understood that their parents have not been able to give them a country where they have the security of their life. So, taking risks of their lives, they took responsibility of that country on their own shoulders.

But I know about the failing mother’s mind. In the fire of the fire, the police force’s tear gas, the stick attack or the vane van, the inhuman torture of the student named pet goers, in all these cases, leaving the child laced with the care of one’s own adolescence, the hands of the mother trembling and the hands were paralyzed. I do not know myself, what could I do to show this greatness to my mother? Salute to all the mothers who have performed

All of you are Jahanara Imam. Stand by side of the child’s arms. Stalking your children, harassing women, taking them with all their power without taking any offense. Take the movement on the right path. I, you could not do that, your children did it. This struggle is not a political struggle. This claim is not a claim of power. This claim only demands the safety of life. People of any civilized country of the world have the right. We are not ashamed of our children, we can not guarantee that our children. It is known that, if you hit the head of corruption, a counter attack will come in front of this force. So mother needs you today. Nothing else, only for the sake of his life, the life you gave birth, the life you promised was the security. Salute mother, Salute from all the people of Bangladesh.

Tamanna Islam: California. The United States