Mohammad Salah Will Say Goodbye To Egypt?

He is proud of Egypt. As a result of the new acquaintance of Muslims in places like England, everyone praised him. 28 years later, Mohammad Salah Subhad received the taste of the Egyptian World Cup. Will Salah now take the name of the Egyptian team? CNN is the sound of such a shock

In the World Cup, Egyptians camped in Base Camp in the capital of the Chechnya Republic of Grosveni. Meanwhile, Egypt has confirmed the departure of the World Cup So the Salah has received a reception on Friday, Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadirov said. After that, Kadirov has announced Salah’s citizenship. After this incident, Salah has decided not to play for the Egyptian national team anymore. At least news agency CNN has reported such news.

Now Ronaldo-Messi-Neymar has been named as a possible star in the World Cup, as well as Salahr’s name. But due to injury, he could not make the first match, the team lost by 90 minutes. In the second match, he scored, but the team could not avoid the rate. Egypt has been knocked out of the World Cup.

prothom aloPran up But not the team’s failure, Salah is thinking of poking his head on the international career, political reasons. After the start of the World Cup, there was a storm of criticism after meeting with Salad Kadirov. Then the discussion was further motivated in the case of citizenship. Salah does not want to be used as a political bog. If needed, Egypt’s national team can take tough decisions like not playing anymore, Sallah is a close source.

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