Modi Maybe at The Oath Ceremony of Imran

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan is planning to invite top leaders of the SAARC coalition of South Asian countries to take oath as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. It may be kept in these leaders of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On Tuesday, the Prime Minister told the Prime Minister that the highest number of seats were given in the election, a leader of the party told the plan.

Pakistan has 115 seats in the general elections on Wednesday, ahead of all, PTI’s Imran’s PTI. Imran is going to form the government with the independently elected politicians and other supporting parties, but if they can not get the 137 seats needed to form the government alone. The leader said on Monday that he will take oath as the Prime Minister on 11 August.

On Monday, Indian Prime Minister Modi greeted Imran by phone In this regard, the Indian Foreign Ministry said in a statement: “The Prime Minister spoke to Imran Khan, the chairperson of the Tehrik-i-Insaf Party and his party wishes to him as the largest political party of Pakistan National General Assembly in recent elections.” Either, ‘Pakistan’s democracy is more c Prime Minister also stressed on the dream of peace and development in the entire region.

Imran expressed thanks in response to Modi’s greetings. Besides, PTI chief emphasized on discussions on resolving India-Pakistan conflict. Pointing to Imran’s interaction with the Indian Prime Minister about the relations between the two countries, the Prime Minister said in the statement, “We will have to find solutions to the crisis through negotiation.” In addition, ‘joint venture to liberate people from the trap of poverty’ also said. He said, “If there is war and bloodshed instead of solving the crisis, it will bring down mourning.”

A PTI leader said, “The core committee of Tehreek-e-Insaf is planning to invite the heads of the South Asian Regional Cooperation Organization (SAARC) including Modi and the decision will be decided soon,” a PTI leader said on the day following the phone call of Imran. “The leader of PTI, India’s relations with India-Pakistan relations A new chapter is seen as a positive indication of startup.

Meanwhile, PTI’s spokesman Fawad Chaudhry also did not make the possibility of inviting the Indian prime minister to the oath-taking ceremony of Imran. “The decision will be taken by the party within a few days after talking to the foreign ministry,” he said.

India-Pakistan conflict has continued since the British colonial rule in 1947. Often this conflict arises on various issues. An issue in 2016 also raised tensions about the two countries. The situation was triggered by the terrorist attacks of Pakistan-based terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir controlled by India in that year and in response to the ‘surgical strikes’ of Indian army in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir. Politicians are hopeful that the talks with PTI leader Imran can resolve that tension.

Source: Times of India.