Militancy in Africa?

Since 2002 Maiduguri city in the state of Borneo, Nigeria. A man named Mohammad Yusuf emerged from the scene. Yusuf started giving speech and campaign to religious schools and mosques in Maiduguri. And the local people became hypnotized here. Everyone in the team went to the forest following Yusuf! This led to Yusuf’s subsequent debut in Africa’s largest militant organization – Boko Haram.

Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa region Although the capability is high, the militants can not cope with the country. So what will most of the poorest countries in Africa do?

In recent times, Iraq and Syria have become weakened by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS). But these hardliners got new places to spread. That’s Africa. Analysts say the militants are spreading in this region in a big way and growing steadily. It may be said that ISPF militants have become the most powerful in Africa after Iraq and Syria. Africa has surpassed the IS militants in the Middle East for violence.

The British magazine The Economist report says that many reports of terrorist activities and related nanalatic attacks in Africa do not come in mainstream media. Yet, only last year more than 10,000 civilians have lost their lives in such militant attacks. And Nigeria’s northeastern city of Mydiguri, the northeast city of Nigeria, is the main center of militant activity. Between 2010 and 2017, violent incidents of militant groups in the entire African region have increased by more than 300 percent.

According to the USA Today report, Boko Haram of Nigeria and Ethiopian al-Shabaab are destroying territorial peace on the continent of Africa. These separatist organizations have announced their involvement with the IS in some cases.

The opposite reaction to militant activity in Africa is not very strong. Western countries like USA, UK, France and Germany continue to carry out counter-terrorism activities on this continent. Basically, several types of operations are being organized in coordination with the local government. But Western countries complain that the African countries are less important in anti-militant operations and their marginalization.

Boko Haram is the worst of all?
Come back to the context. Among the militant groups, Boko Haram is the most terrible in terms of affordability. Boko Haram means ‘western education is a sin’. Its founder, Muhammad Yusuf, called on his followers to reject the prevailing state system. He also said that the earth is not round, and evaporation does not cause rain. Yusuf dismissed all scientific ideas in one word.

Since 2009, Yusuf’s followers started attacking local police and military personnel. Apart from this, the imams who were opposed to Yusuf’s propagated ideology were killed. Later, Nigerian police arrested Yusuf and killed him publicly. Boko Haram paused a little after this incident. Its members went into hiding.

But Boko Haram was reconstructed again under the leadership of Abu Bakar Shakau. In 2011, at the Nigerian police headquarters and at the capital’s Abuja, a bomb blast in the United Nations office gave their strength to this terrorist group. At the end of 2014, the headline of the international press was kidnapped by 300 schoolgirls, Boko Haram At that time, Abu Bakar Shikayou’s terrorist group established full control of the three states of northeast Nigeria.

Between 2010 and 2017, violent incidents of jihadi groups have risen more than 300 percent in the entire Africa region. Just last year, more than 10,000 civilians died in such jihadi attacks. Photo: AFP
Between 2010 and 2017, violent incidents of militant violence in the entire African region have risen by more than 300 percent. Only last year more than 10,000 civilians have lost their lives in such militant attacks. Photo: AFP

However, Boko Haram has tried to be the first ruler to be like IS. The main goal of this terrorist group was to create chaos at the beginning. Boko Haram has been bombing the mosque everywhere. Village after village was burnt, women and children were kidnapped. Not only abduction, many girls are forced to work slavery and are sold at auction !. Boko Haram used to use others as bombs

According to the estimates of Combat Terrorism Center of the Military Academy of the West Point of the United States, Boko Haram used 434 human bombings from April 2011 to June 2017. More than half of it was women. On the other hand, UNICEF, international organization, says that the terrorist group used at least 135 children last year to carry out suicide bombings.

Analysts say Boko Haram’s leaders are offering religion for women and children to sell and use as slaves. And the most talked about Abubakar Shaka

Boko Haram announces the involvement of Islamic State in 2015 Instead of name it has now been replaced by Islamic State West Africa Provinces (ISWAP). In 2016, ISIS announced the name of Abu Musab al-Baranayi as the head of this terrorist group. This group has been divided into two groups due to the intervention of the main ISA.

What is the current status?
After the arrival of Nigerian President Mohamed Buhari in power, the army’s massive operation began in the northeast. The militants backstage Chad, Niger and Cameron participated in the campaign. In the face of multinational expedition, major cities came under the control of the Nigerian government within a few months. The combined mission of the four countries is now remote.

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