Microsoft is interested to work on the Pentagon’s JD Project

US technology giant Google has withdrawn some of the US Army Projects for protesting. But Microsoft has announced a walk on the opposite side of Google. Microsoft’s President Brad Smith has announced that the world’s largest software developer, the world’s second-largest software manufacturer, is willing to provide Microsoft technology to the US military.

Brad Smith said this while participating in a panel discussion on Reagan National Defense Forums in Simi Valley, California on Saturday.

In a report of the INNS, it has been said that the concerns of the technical institutions of the army are involved in various projects. In June, hundreds of thousands of Google activists had strongly objected to the use of artificial intelligence made by their organizations (AI) in US drone drone footage. Google finally canceled the contract.

Smith said that if the employees of the organization are in any concern, they would agree to hear it.

Microsoft has clarified its position on the US military’s involvement with the project. In October, Microsoft’s chief executive Satya Nadella and President Brad Smith discussed the involvement of the organization’s workers in the project.

Smith said, “We think the United States needs a strong defense. Those who are involved with this defense should have the opportunity to use the US’s most advanced technology, including Microsoft. All those who work on Microsoft will not seek support or expectation of such a decision from all of them. Those who do not want to work on this project, their decision will be respected.

Microsoft’s president in a blog post, “Microsoft will get the technology in various fields of the US Army. We are proud of them. ‘

Microsoft recently submitted the tender to the United States Department of Defense (US Department of Defense) Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud Project (JD).

In October, Google announced that US $ 10 billion (US $ 84,440 crore) JD project will step out of the race for cloud computing, and Google has been under Alphabet under the US technology firm. Google has decided that the project does not go with the moral code.

Microsoft and Amazon will now fight for the Pentagon’s ‘Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure’ or ‘JD’ project.

The news agency Reuters reported that the main obstacle to using Google’s Artificial Intelligence software is that it can be used against weapons or any harmful service against international policy of human rights and surveillance.

In March, Google received a certificate from the US government about the security work in a moderate level. But in this case Microsoft and got full permission. Pentagon officials are keeping Amazon ahead of the Pentagon contract.

Google authorities were eager to make that agreement to expand their cloud business. There was an opportunity to go further in Google marketing. But thousands of Google activists oppose it. The employees of the company insisted that Google’s technology does not work on war or human damage. Google has set rules for the use of artificial intelligence in opposition to workers’ opposition.

Google says, if there is a chance to participate in the contract jointly, they can work in part of the JD project.

It is clear from the president that the Microsoft President is in the Pentagon’s job.

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