Messi’s excellent hat-trick of Barcelona win

Lionel Messi went on to become a criminal in 22 minutes. As much of the match as the match, he owe his liability. When the match was over, the team won the team from the field to meet the liability, but also got hat-trick. Messi has done a great job to beat Sevilla 4-2 in Barcelona.

In the 22nd minute Messi was wasting time with unnecessary balls in front of the Sevilla de-box. The length of the ball that guillan was passed to give the opponent’s legs. From there, Sevia attacked every attack. Ben Yader came in front of the box with the ball and told Heus Nawab Shot on the far post from right edge, went forward, Sevia. The camera was trying to find out criminals Messi repeatedly. Messi took 4 minutes to complete the liability. Rakitich crosses from the left edge. Messi is standing in a lot of boxes in El Box. The host team was sentenced to leave Messi on the spot. The Barcelona captain made a parallel match in the cool one-game.

A 42-minute goal in the match was also a criminal. To clear the ball, Marc Andrey Tare Stagen gave the opponent’s leg to the foot. Pablo Sarabia took it to the right end. From there, he found his cross, out of the 6 meter box, Marcado is out. Again, the poster shot from the right end stages Stevenen.

Messi has fulfilled Messi’s first goal, but the next goal is because of Tare Stewen. Who will repay it? Then came the opponent goalkeeper Veselich. In the 67th minute to clear the ball in the same position gave the ball to Racquetich’s leg. From there, Messi sent crosses to the right in the oamesman at Messe. Sevilla Raksha left Messi again. Now the right-hand shots on the net in the post.

Messi’s hat-trick did not have any responsibility in the 85th minute. Savoy, who lost the second goal, lost the match, and now he has scored a goal in the right-hand corner. Carlos Ellena took the shot from Sergio Roberto. He hit the defender’s foot in front of Messi. Messi did not have any problem to chip in front of a small box.

Messi, who retired late in the 93rd, was also disfellated Luis Suarez. Messi made an elbow pass through a great lobbying. Suez has already gone out of the way, and Suarez has gone out of the way. Suarez convinced Barcelona’s win by tapping the whalilich with the help of a chip.

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