Messi over Ronaldo’s record of hat-tricks

In the Champions League, Lionel Messi has started off with a hat-trick against PSV Eindhoven. Barça starred on a record by Ronaldo in a hat-trick in his first match in this tournament.
European Basketball Club is a hat! Absolutely adorable of footballers After the launch of the Champions League edition in 1992, the hat-trick has seen 77 players from 32 countries. Lionel Messi has all been impressed. It is against PSV Eindhoven in the Kalam Champions League Ronaldo’s knock-off knockout with an anticipated Cristiano Ronaldo opened the match in a hat-trick.

It would be wrong to say that the knot is opened. Ronaldo is really impressed by Messi Ronaldo’s last hat-trick in the Champions League last season was the first leg of the semifinal last year. The Portuguese star picked up his seventh number hat-trick in the Champions League against Atletico Madrid. Messi’s record in the hat-trick he shared Barcelona star has taken over the record again. That means, Ronaldo has overtaken Messi in the Champions League record of hat-trick

Messi scored the first goal in the Dutch club’s net after he took his 48th career hat-trick in the spectacular one-stroke. In the 77th minute after the break, Ivan Rakitich took his second goal from the pass. 3 minutes before the scheduled time Messi lifted the hat-trick in the corner shot from Luis Suarez’s pass. Messi’s eighth hat-trick in the Champions League Messi tops the hat-trick in this European and Zara tournament. Ronaldo second with 7 hat-tricks And with the combined three hat-tricks jointly, the third Filippo Inzaggi, Louis Adriano and Mario Gómez

That hat-trick is not the end of Messi’s Kirtigatha. Barça scored the second goal of the Champions League with 14 goals in the match against Barça Eindhoven in the match. Earlier, Real Madrid’s ‘house boy’ Raul Gonzalez made the same precedent. Not only that, many Champions League champions have overtaken Messi for a number of Bagha Bagha clubs. Messi’s total of 103 goals in this tournament Footballers like PSV Eindhoven (102) or Manchester City (101) are also behind Argentine stars.

However, Messi’s goal is not very much in the Champions League. Only four with yesterday’s 22 Gazi shot. But in one place Messi is still lagging behind Ronaldo. In the Champions League, PSV Messi’s 30th victim (from goal). This means that in the tournament Messi scored a hat-trick against the 30 other teams, the Dutch club, the latest addition to them. Ronaldo scored a goal against 32 different teams in the same tournament, and 33 teams from Raul’s goal were digested.

Barça retained his triumph at the ground camp in his home ground at Campbell Campus. In the Champions League, in the last 26 matches in their home ground, Jitlal Barsha In this tournament, their latest rates in NU camp more than five years ago. In May 2013 against Bayern Munich