Maradona Questions Outraged Am I Disqualified?

Five failed to return to the role of Diego Maradona as the coach. But Argentina’s press did not name his name in the list of potential coaches. Maradona’s anger over this

Diego Maradona want to know, why so many possible coaches of Argentina are pronounced, why not his name? One of the best footballers of all time. Very few footballers have shown magic like him in the field. As a captain, he also won the 1986 World Cup in a World Cup without a striker. Such a football legend Argentina media is not counted!

Maradona has overthrown anger over social media. In a long post he wrote, “I respect the national team, I am very disappointed with some journalists who do not put me in front of Argentina’s potential coach. Take the name of Shawo Fakse (Argentine reporter sports journalist). He never kept my name in the potential candidates. I know from the beginning of his journalism career. I still played. And now it seems, he does not know me! ‘Eprothomalo

Argentine media does not really want to be the coach of the 57-year-old Maradona. Tennetune took the team to the final of the 2010 World Cup. And in the quarter-finals Germany has digested 4 goals! But that was Lionel Messi’s best chance. Messi was the best time to have a career. Argentina was playing well in the World Cup. The top score was 7 goals in the group stage. Mexico scored 3 goals in the second round. But Maradona’s team just flew away to Germany in the face of a tough opponent.

Maradona’s service himself withdrew from the national team post. Maradona’s squad selection, Huan-Roman Riquelmek could not be included in the World Cup squad, the World Cup debate with manager Carlos Bilardo … These discussions came up in the discussion. But Maradona’s question, once more failed, is being discussed with more coaches. Although he is not directly named, he probably indicated to José Pekerman. Pekerman lost the quarter-finals to Germany in the 2006 World Cup with Germany’s most recent and most balanced team.

If you can think of Pekarman, why not reamed? That’s his question, ‘Argentina’s press has many other former coaches. But never took my name. It burns me However, Argentine sports journalism was always there. ‘

While footballer Maradona is at the top point, his record as a coach is horrifying. Apart from the Argentina national team, he was also the coach of four clubs. Nowhere is the carrier long In 2012, the Arab Emirates Club was eliminated from Al Wasl a year later. Last year again took the responsibility of Al Fujaira, the second division club of Emirates. It was a matter of fact, to bring the Maradona team to the first division. But could not As a result pruning again.

Maradona is currently contracted for three years as chairman of the Belarusian club Dynamo Breast. But he again wanted the responsibility of the Argentina national team. Even a few days ago, he commented that he was willing to work from love even without a salary.