Male Reporter Forcibly Kissed by Two Women During Live World Cup Broadcast

South Korean TV journalist went to Russia to cover the World Cup game While there he was recording his words on a microphone, two women’s football fans hugged him and kissed him. The incident triggered a stir in China’s social network. It is a matter of their discussion whether it is considered ‘sexual harassment’.

It is seen in the video clip that a South Korean television channel, MNN Reporter, Geoan Goyang Rial was reporting the World Cup on June 28. At the time, two Russian women came and kissed her cheeks. The reporter tried to smash the incident. But she looked a bit embarrassed.

A few days ago when a female reporter was directing news on television, some male football fans tried to kiss him. The incident was also severely criticized.

The debate started in China’s social network Weibo on the incident of kissing a South Korean journalist. Weibo users are raising questions, criticizing the behavior of male supporters, why would not the women supporters be criticized for the same behavior?

A Weibo user wrote, “There is a contrast with the previous incident. Another wrote, ‘Why will not it be seen as sexual harassment?’ Hundreds of people have liked this comment. Another quiz wrote, ‘If a kiss is too good to look at, it will not be sexual harassment.’

In such a situation, many people have called ‘equality of women and men’. Some of them said that the kind of reaction that is happening in this case indicates that there is still discrimination between men and women.

Talking about women fans, many people are criticizing the ‘beauty’ issue. Although there is a dispute over this kiss in China, there was not much discussion about the incident in South Korea. The news has been promoted only through the news of the BBC News and some related news.

But a South Korean citizen commented on this topic on Twitter, “Whatever your gender is, you’ve been subjected to sexual harassment. It is a matter of fact that one MBN journalist went to Russia to cover the World Cup and there were two women sexually harassed.

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of discussion on the issue of sexual harassment in Weibo. Many of them have complained against the authorities, the matter is not taken seriously.

Last week a video of this was viral, the main thing was, ‘Women or men, young or old – anyone can be subjected to sexual harassment.’ This video also caused a lot of debate through social networking. Source: BBC