Malala Yousafzai’s Biopic ‘Gul Makai’ First Look Poster Published

The first Look Poster and Motion Poster of ‘Gul Makai’, released on the controversial Pakistani human rights activist Malala Yousafzai, has been released. Director of the film Amjad Khan Raheem is playing Malala’s role in the film and along with him Divya Dutta and Atul Kulkarni

The first look poster shows the fight for Pakistani girl Malala’s women’s education and peace.

At the beginning of the poster is written, a child, a teacher, a pen and a book – can change the world.

Malala’s biopsy, named ‘Gul Makai’, will show her struggle for education and subsequent events in Swat Valley.

Ramee Shaikh, who appeared in the role of Malala, has played several TV shows before this. In addition, Amitabh and Farhan Akhtar have seen him in the film ‘Wajir’.

Some parts of the film are held in Mumbai and Gujarat’s Bhuj city. Some parts were supposed to be captured in Kashmir. But due to conflict situation, it did not happen.

Take a look at the official motion poster of ‘Gul Makai’.
Source: Times of India.