Makka Mukarrama and Holy Ka’ba Sharif

The old name of Mecca is Bakka. Hajj pilgrimage is called haram Sharif. Haram means forbidden and respected. Haramain means two forbidden or two honorable places. Mecca Sharif and Medina Sharif are called Haramine Sharifine together. The entry of non-Muslims into holy Makkah Sharif and Medina Sharif is strictly prohibited. The boundaries of Mecca’s Haram Sharif are 16 kilometers (10 miles) up to Shaidia, on the way to Jeddah on the west side, 14.5 kilometers (9 miles) east of Jerusalem, 11 kilometers (7 miles) on the south side of Taif, 8 kilometers (5 miles) on the way to Medina Sharif ). In these borders the prohibition of hunting animals is prohibited. Even prohibiting tearing of trees, grassroots etc. The heart of Haram Sharif is the mosque in the heart of the mosque, in the center of it is the four-quarters of the black-colored houses, the Baitullah Sharif or the honorable Kababar of Allah. During the time of Hazrat Adam (AS), the creation of the Kaaba

After the flood of Noah’s time, Prophet and Rasool Hazrat Ibrahim (A) and his son Nabi and Rasul Hazrat Ismail (AS) repaired and reconstituted Kababghar again after the flood of the time. This time Kaaba Sharif has been reformed 12 times. The current kabghar area is 10.15 meters (22 hands) in the west, 8.45 meters (18.55 feet) east, 8.24 meters (18 cubits) in the south, 5 decimal 50 meters (12 cubits) in the north and 8 cm2 meters (18th hand).

Makam Ibrahim is a miracle stone. Makkab Ibrahim, the archway of the Kachghara foot, which is stored on the eastern side of Kaba Sharif, is surrounded by golden clay. Makam means place to stand or stand. Standing on this stone, Hazrat Ibrahim (A) graced the wall of the Ka’bah. In the greatness of Allah’s power, this stone was required to automatically move forward and backward and move up and down. Allah said, ‘In it there are clear signs like Makami Ibrahim. And whoever enters it, it will be safe. ‘(Sura-3-al-Imran, verse 97).

To pray for Makam Ibrahim, Hazrat Umar asked for permission from the first Prophet (peace be upon him). Then Allah said to him, ‘When I made Kaaba the house for peace and peace for the people, and you make the place of Ibrahim’s place to be a place of prayer and I ordered Abraham and Ishmael, that you should make my house a Tawaf, and those who stood and bowed and bowed down. Keep it sacred. “(Surah-2, Baqarah, Ayat: 125). After all types of Tawaf, two rak’ah prayers have to be offered to this holy place. This prayer is Wajib

The semi-circular walled house on the northern side of the Kaaba Sharif is called ‘Hatim’. This place was previously included in the Kaaba. Salary here
Reading means praying inside the Kaabbaghar. Hatim is a good place to accept prayer. On the top of Hatim, there is a gold panther in the house of Kaaba Sharif. During the rain, there is a roof of water with the hinges. That’s why its name is Mizabe Rahmat. Praying under the grace of Mizabe, prayer is accepted.

A stone in heaven is Asajad in Hajr. Aswad means black, Hajar means stone. This black stone came with Hazrat Adam (A) from Paradise. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) kissed this holy rock with keen interest and love. This holy stone length is 8 inches and width is 7 inches. Currently it is divided into 12 small pieces, its 8 pieces are visible. It is located four feet above the ground, outside the walls in the south-eastern corner of the tomb.

During the stay of Mecca Sharif, most devoted worship is performed by Baitullah Sharif or Khanae Kaba Tawaf. If you go round the clock, you can make a Tawaf. Tawaf is to the right from left to right. In addition to the obligatory and Wajib Tawaf, Nuffal Tawaf is very much the practice of the Fajilat. Tawaf is always possible without the prayers.

Mufti Maulana Shaikh Muhammad Uthman Gani, Joint Secretary General of Bangladesh National Imam Association and Assistant Professor of Ahsania Institute of Sufism.

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