Lionel Messi did not spend the birthday before

A signboard appeared in the mouth of the Argentine World Cup base camp, in which the city was named as Bronizzie. While writing in large letters, ‘Congrats on the Lionel Messi’s behalf by Bronnitzi on birthday’. Invitation to join the meeting of the City of Bronzi, surrounded by Messi’s 31st birthday today. Concert from the afternoon at the base of the Belshko Lake, beside the base camp, in the evening, the cake cutting festival – all the details are given on the signboard. One of the organizers told Argentine daily Clarin, Messi said he would come to himself to cut the cake.

Really go? May have already said the word, but now it is the mental condition to keep that Messi! This 31-year-old birthday has never been so gloomy in his life! It is the Argentinean football, and his final question-based performance after the defeat against Croatia. After the match, nobody saw him in the last two days, he was in a state of extraordinary celebration.

Not only Messi, the entire Argentine team is like the passengers in the mid-sea. Again in the match against Croatia, after the match against Argentina coach Sampauli in the rebellion against the team The Argentine Football Association, however, blown it, claiming that there was no rebellion, all lies. However, the Argentine press is still claiming that there is a big conflict with the coach on the game plan players

Pran up is true, however, there are no exemptions from the poisonous all-round criticism from around the Argentine team. The coach of the fray coach Jorge Sampauli, someone or Messi, in the eyes of the whole team Maradona has kept Sampauli standing in the woods since the beginning. Messi does not agree to give him the responsibility, even in the first column, in the special light it is clear. Tomorrow, after talking to Televised Television of Venezuela, Sampauli washed once more, ‘Everyone thought Sampawali would solve all the problems. If all the problems were solved by a computer, drone, 14 assistant and 25 workmen, then it would have been. ‘

So what is the solution? According to Maradona, Sampauli can not inspire enough players. That’s why Argentine Football Association’s Chief Claudio also requested Thiéi to give him a chance to meet the players once. What Messi can tell, there was a glimpse of him, when he heard about his words, “When I was on the Argentine jersey, I played with life. What do you think I have done so easily against Belgium and England? When I used to play in Argentina’s jersey, I felt like my old mother looked at me. The millions of people are looking at me.

Have to wait to see if they get the chance to meet the spinach. However, the latest news came to the Argentine media for the time being, it seems that the party’s sultry situation has improved slightly. On Friday evening, the Nigerian-Iceland match to win the Nigerian hope to go to the last sixteen of Argentina. According to the new calculation, on June 26, Argentina lost Nigeria by a big margin in the final round, with a surefire round. At the end of the match, Tapiash had a meeting with the coach and the players. That’s where Sampauli admits, he made mistakes because he did not listen to the players on the game plan against Croatia. Captain Messi and co-captain Javier Maçarano also promised to end their struggle by overthrowing the contradictions and the last attempt.

Argentina has begun to practice the new enthusiasm again since yesterday. Suppose the players are suggesting some changes in the team, Sampauli think Clarence’s news, the whole five changes will be seen in Argentina’s next match. Of course, it is not yet confirmed. But one does not live in XI, it is almost certain. The ridiculous mistake made against Croatia can be seen in front of Willie Cabrera in front of the goal against Nigeria in front of the goal of the River Plate Franco Armani.

prothom alo All the 31th birthday, then forget about the sadness of Messi’s new start date. After the rate against Croatia, he kept an invisible ‘Do not Disturb’ sign in his own face. After the victory of Nigeria, the sign was removed in Argentina’s meeting. Who knows, maybe today you can go to cut the balsco lake!