Libyan commander shot dead 45 Gaddafi supporters

Gaddafi has sent death sentences to 45 members of armed groups supporting the killing of protesters during Libya mass upsurge in 2011. On Wednesday, the accused were fired into the firing squad and ordered to execute the death penalty. Besides, 54 people have been sentenced to five years imprisonment for the same crime.

The charges against them, they were shot directly by Libyan rebel regime Muammar Gaddafi when the anti-rebels were near the capital Tripoli, they opened fire directly on them.

Earlier, the execution of his son Saif al-Islam, along with several high-level officials of the former Gaddafi administration, was awarded death sentence. In 2011, the rebels killed Gadhafi by cooperating with NATO in the West.

Since then there has been a conflict between Tripoli and the country’s eastern region, the rebel and the army. Although the country’s parliament and presidential elections are announced at the end of this year to bring stability, the doubtful international community in the fair elections.