Kindness, Sympathy And Positive Attitude Are Important Aspects Of Life: Melanie

US First Lady Melanie Trump believes that kindness, sympathy and positive attitude are important features of life. In the annual national meeting of Student Against Destructive Decision (SADD) in a Washington hotel on Sunday, Melania made the remarks.

Recently, President Donald Trump brought changes in United States separatist immigration policy with illegal immigrants in the face of extreme criticism and pressure. Analysts believe Melanie Trump has a role to change in this policy. While entering Mexico from the US illegally, many children are detached from their families – commented that the US First Lady hated the issue. He called on the US to change that policy. Melania is continuing in social awareness activities in some disadvantages. She has been running a campaign called ‘BEST’ to teach children about the importance of social, emotional and physical health since May.

Melanie said to four hundred students at a meeting yesterday, “I firmly believe that one of the tasks of adults is to help you become the best in all the aspects of your life. That’s why I’m here today. I think SADD’s mission is to deal with the challenges and risks you face every day, so that you can deal with it efficiently.

Melania said, “kindness, sympathy and positive attitude are important features of life. It is much easier to say than to say sympathy and say anything. It is easier to move faster in a concept than trying to understand some time. Half of a glass full half view is easy to see all the time. But you have the power to create a positive attitude among people. Respect each other Think of your community as your own family. Think about each other. ‘SADD was established in 1981 to stop the driving of alcohol by the students. SADD works to change the harmful behavior of the students of the next phase.

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