‘Kill’ every day on road: ministers don’t have the responsibility?

Did Dana Khanam alias Mim and Abdul Karim ever think that they will never return to college? Before returning home, killer bus driver will kill them and flee?

Due to the accident on Sunday, the sick competition of the two buses. There is no scope to run this as a mere accident. Although not planned, the causal killing We are tired of seeing such a causal murder. How much will we have to see this kill?

Everyday people are dying in road accidents. Our eyes have been drained. But on Sunday night watching the picture of Mim and Karim was really bad. Two college-level students, whose parents have so much expectations, whether they have to give life to the two bus races. Peace and dreams of two families have been crushed.

What will we apologize to Mim and Karim’s parents?

Why can not we give them security?

Why do people die in this way?

According to the police and eyewitnesses, during the incident, the students of the college were crossing the road by the side of the Radisson Blue Hotel. Many were standing on footpath for buses. At that time, when a bus from Nur Paribahan came to Jabal, the students tried to get up. At the same time, another bus of Nur Paribahan jumped two students on the left side. Shaheed Rameezuddin Cantonment College student Mim and Karim died on the spot. After getting the news, other students of the organization started protesting on the road and vandalized several vehicles.

Two buses of the same transport are not coming in the same place at the same time. There is a definite time to come to a specific place. But why did the two buses get to the same place in the races? Because, the Basilikas restrict the employees’ daily income limit. If you can not achieve this goal, the wage closes. As a result, regular competition between travelers and buses in Dhaka city and around the country. That’s the same company or different company. Even BRTC buses are not outside the competition. BRTC buses are now privately run by lease. The bus will be able to travel as much as possible, the higher the leaseholder’s income. The driver is sick, let the passenger die, it is not a matter of watching.

Due to this sick competition, no bus does not care for the laws. Where to stop the bus stop. Passengers down the road in the middle of the road. Again, the passengers lifted from the middle. Those who are responsible for the maintenance of road transport, they do not see them. The traffic police did not take charge. As a result, accidents are happening on the road, people are dying.

Those who are responsible for road accidents, see the policy makers of the government, talking to them. There is no one on the helpless passengers. They will die deadly, and ministers will give all the passengers to be aware of it, it is unbearable. Passengers must be aware. But if bus driver-assistants are busy in the sick competition, then the awareness of the passengers does not come in any work, the evidence of Sunday’s incident is its evidence. There were no passengers in the car sitting outside. Someone did not even try to get out of the bus. They were rowing in the bus. Someone stood by the road. And then there was another bus coming back from the back of the waiting passengers.

Road transport and construction minister Obaidul Quader did not immediately comment on this tragic accident, but the shipping minister Shahjahan Khan said that it would be remembered to name the Guinness chest. Nobody can make such a cruel comment about the death of people. Shahjahan Khan does not say anything about his ministry. Talks about the road. Because he is also the acting president of the Road Transport Workers Federation. The same person ministers, owners and labor leaders Road transport workers and owners do not do anything wrong, he is very sad But the minister was upset if someone questioned this. Responding to a question from journalists on Sunday, he said that 32 people died in road accidents in Maharashtra but no one asked them. The minister wants to remind the President that no driver of the driver can run the bus in India or anyone who knows the cow and goat does not get the license to operate. Like him, he gets in Bangladesh for the welfare of ministers. He said, the person who committed the crime, he will get the same justice. What is the majeja of his words? Does anyone ask the judge to go out of the law? Did not say. Everyone wants justice according to the law.

When the shipping minister is cleaning the bus driver, listen to what a driver said. Dahiya Khanam’s father Jahangir Alam is also a bus driver killed in a road accident. He used to live on Dhaka-Rajshahi road for 30 years. He complained, whoever caused him so much accidents due to the steering. Accidents are happening because many transport owners are driving with unpowered and inefficient drivers in low wages. People are dying

The people of Bangladesh are not safe at home and abroad. Titas upazila Awami League leader Parvez Sarkar was kidnapped while going out of the house to pray Friday prayers. Eight hours later, when he returned home, many of the abducted people did not return. And on the road, there is a chance to get to the death. On July 1, a student of Jahangirnagar University, killed by a bus of Basumati Paribahan, Shahriar Sourav, another student named Syed Adnan Masud Rana, died on 2 July in the bus of Dishari Paribahan in Mirpur. On 16 April, Rajib of Titumir College lost control of two bus races, later he died.

In this way death rides on the road. But the authorities are silent. When will this silence break?

Sohrab Hasan: Poet, journalist.
sohrabhassan 55@gmail.com

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