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About us:
KhelPlay Rummy is India’s first rummy App that offers classic online rummy variations like Pool, Points and Deals for rummy players varying from beginners to elites.

Features of KhelPlay Rummy App

• “Play Now” tab to join the rummy lobby with a single touch.
• Play multiple variant of rummy card games like 10, 13, 21 & 27 cards.
• User-friendly interface with Easy Navigation and Fabulous Graphics.
• Live Chat with customer support.

Best rummy experience on mobile.

KhelPlay Rummy Android App offers Multiplayer tables where 2 to 6 players can play the game on the same table using their smartphones (mobiles & tablets). Players can choose between different types of Indian Rummy games like:

• POOL RUMMY – Pool 101 and Pool 201. (10,13, 21,27 cards)
• DEALS RUMMY – Best of 2, Best of 3 and Best of 6. (10,13, 21, 27 cards)
• POINTS RUMMY – 10, 13, 21 & 27 cards.

Basics about Rummy Card Game

Classic rummy is a Legal game of skill. 13 cards rummy is played with two decks of 52 playing cards and a printed joker in each deck similar to Gin Rummy. The objective of each player is to make sequences and sets from the cards distributed to them. This is achieved by the process of drawing and discarding of cards by the players during their turn. The ultimate aim while playing both online and offline rummy game is to declare a show (to place valid sets and sequences) before anyone else.
Indian Rummy card game is a skill based classic rummy game which should be played strategically. The game needs prompt attention to form a Sequence (like Ace-Two-Three) and/or a Set King-king-king.

Why KhelPlay Rummy?

It is India’s first multiplayer Rummy app with a refined look and user-friendly interface that allow a smooth rummy gaming experience to all players. Also, KhelPlay Rummy use high-end software and advanced security features to ensure a thrilling Rummy Card game experience and 100% transparency. Playing an online rummy game has never been easier.

Registration is easy, quick & free. Players can enjoy free rummy game. It is easy, just select a game & challenge your friends and show them who is the boss.

Download our FREE Rummy App to enjoy and experience the thrill of this multiplayer online card game ANYWHERE, ANYTIME on your Android Mobile/Tablet and have great FUN on-the-go. Get ready for the ultimate rummy game experience on mobile and start playing rummy on your mobile devices today.

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