Japanese billionaire want to travel the moon with painting

Yashaku Mesawah, a billionaire in Japan’s online fashion world, wants to go to Chandravya by 2023. He will go to Chandravyaan in a rocket made by US private rocket maker SpaceX. He will be the first person to go to Chandravya with the SpaceX rocket. He paid the money on this occasion. But the amount was not disclosed.

A AFP report said that after the US Apollo operation in 1972, Yusaku Mesawah (42) will be the first person to reach the moon.

There is a special purpose to spend huge amount of money in M ​​/ s to Chandravya. He wants to take six to eight favorite painters with him. They will make special paintings after returning to the world. This image seems to give people the inspiration to dream about the mesawa

Modern painting fond mesawa chief executive of Japan’s largest online shopping mall According to Forbes, his wealth is about 300 million US dollars. He is the 18th richest man in Japan.

“I have had a lot of interest in the moon since my childhood,” said Mesawa at the SpaceX office in California, USA on Monday. The dream of my whole life is passing through the Moon. ‘

From the sixties to the seventies, the Apollo campaign has so far been in the moon orbit of all Americans. So far, 24 NASA astronauts went to the moon. 12 of them walked on the moon surface.

Danish Tito, the first tourist to travel to space, spent his own money. In 2001, the US traveled to the International Space Station in a Russian space station with a cost of $ 20 million.

Essex Chief Executive Elon Mask, who has expressed interest in lunar landing at SpaceX, said, “Mesawa is a brave and best explorer. He came forward and honored us by choosing.

He refused to provide information about how much money was given to go to the moon. However, he said, the painters who go to the moon will not need to travel. But it can be clearly said, it is dangerous. It’s not a matter of walking in the park.

Asked whether the mask will go to the moon, he said, there is a possibility. But it is not sure.

They will leave the space through the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) made of SpaceX. However, the man-made rockets are not being created five years ago. In 2016, the rocket announced that it will be the most powerful in rocket history.

Last year, the mask said that in 2022, the BFR aims to conduct a pilot of Mars on a pilot basis. In 2024, he has plans to send people to Mars.

Before that the mask was told about the plan to send people to the moon. Last year he announced that in 2016, the moon will send the tourists to orbit. But his plan was not really successful. The mask showed a rocket design of 118 meters long. It will cost $ 500 million to build it.

Just like the bus, it will catch 100 people.

In addition to SPExX, UK based business tycoon Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Amaze Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin are working on space tourism. In exchange for a fixed amount of money, the two companies give the feeling of being tenuous or ten minutes in space.

Virgo costs 2.5 million dollars for a trip. But the price of Blue Origin is not publicly stated.

Some companies in Russia and China have started working on space tourism.