Is the Linkin Park broken?

The team is going to concert alone, one of the Lankin Park vocals, Mike Shinoda The fear of fans is even more intense. What’s going to break? One of the best band teams of the decade of 1990 was Lynchin Park?

Mike Shinoda has recently announced the music tour in North America. He will sing in Montreal and October 11 in Toronto on October 10. Rolling Stone has already announced the sale of advance tickets on its own website and other platforms. In the news, Rolling Stone reported that Mike will listen to his first single long play ‘Post Tramatic’ songs at the concert.

In a concert-related statement, Mike said, “There is a difference in listening to recorded songs and listening to live songs. The experience of the two is quite different. It looks like a lot of photo albums and people from the front view the photo. Being able to share myself with the audience in the concert is not only for me, but also for the audience. Conversation, through the Q & A, we will be inspired by both parties. Art is the only vehicle to find the meaning of infinity. ‘Eprothomalo

The rapper will run around the world with his own song soon. It is believed that the ‘Post Trimatic’ LP from the horror of losing friends and leaders. But the cloud of devotees’ mind is concentrated. Last year on July 20, at the home of his own home, Lancin Park team chief Vocal Chester Beninton committed suicide. Formula: Rolling Stone.