Is Messi a ‘God’? Pope not agree

Seeing Messi’s magic in the playground, many of the fascinating viewers compared him to God. Especially Messi’s supporters in club club Barcelona. But is Messi really ‘God’? What does Pope Francis say?

Messi has been at the top of football for the past decade. Messi is running the season after the season, with Messi contributing most of the time to Barcelona as the world’s best club. How many times he has saved Barcelona from a losing streak, or incredible goals, hangs the opponent’s jaw, and he has no account. Fascinated Bersah supporters often compared their biggest star to God. But is Messi really God? Do not Messiah supporters calling God to the contrary God?

Pope Francis, the Christian community leader, agreed with the second statement, “According to the theory, calling Messi to God is quite disrespectful. I can not say Messi to God. ‘ Pope has made several arguments behind his statement, “Messi’s game may look good to you. You can be impressed by the things Messi has done on the ball. I can say that yes, I love Messi, love. But only God can be worshiped. No one else It feels great to see his game, so it is not that he is God. ‘

Pope Francis has no doubt about Messi, even if Messi is not the ‘God’, but Messi is the best player in the history of football. In 2016, on the occasion of World Youth Day a Catholic Church organized a lunch at Catholic Church Pope Francis was asked who was the best among Pele and Maradona? Messi named Pope without the name of both of them.

Although ‘god’ is not there, Messi is one of the best players in history, he has given evidence once again last night. Messi’s advantage came after Barcelona’s 4-2 goals in 10 minutes before the match ended with the draw, with the draw of 4-4 goals. Messi has scored a great free-kick, and another has to do with Suarez.

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