Intel CEO lost his post in connection with the women workers

A senior Intel official can not get involved with colleagues. This is the rule of one of the world’s chip makers Intel. But the CEO of the US technology firm Brian Craignik could not control himself.

In an internal investigation, Brian Craignik has been credited with the consent of a woman worker of this organization. He resigned on Thursday, due to the incident.

A news agency Reuters report said that the decision to break the organization’s policy has left the passenger position in the investigation.

In a statement from Intel, it said that as well as internal investigations, external lawyers also got evidence of the breach of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

Intel’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Robert Swan has been appointed as the interim chief executive of the company due to his resignation.

Intel chairman Andy Bryant said that we have confidence in Swann’s ability. The next CEO will be looking for that day.

Meanwhile, Bryant has praised Brian about his outstanding CEO Brian.

Reuters reported that Craig was in the face of criticism for some days of the Intel situation. At the beginning of this year, several critics criticized Intel’s chipset error. He alleged that he had already found out the chip error. So they sold most of their shares in November last year. After knowing the error of the chip, he would have been very furious when selling the shares.

However, these rumors are denied by Intel. It is said that there is no relation between chip error in the sale of shares.