India dropped Huawei and ZTE from 5G

Indian government is going to launch a test-based fifth-generation telecommunications service It includes Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and Cisco. But Chinese company Huawei and ZTE have been excluded from the project. According to a report in the Indian media ET Telecom

Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan told ET Telecom, “The government is going to launch the fifth technology test. So we invited Cisco, Samsung, Ericsson, Nokia and other telecom service providers to be our partners. We received positive response from them. But I dropped Huawei from the experimental project. ‘

ET Telecom said Huawei was in touch with the Indian government about whether there is a security concern in this regard.

The report also said that the government of Australia last month did not put the Huawei and ZTEe Five projects under the national security grounds. They fear that foreign government interference can occur in important communication infrastructure. Protesting the statement of the Australian government, Huawei said it has not been done in a transparent process, but has been influenced by political unrest.

Meanwhile, the Donald Trump government in the United States discourages the Chinese company’s involvement with American companies. The draft of the law has also been made so that national security-related products are not sold to the Chinese company. In addition to this, any government company that does not buy Huawei and ZTE’s telecom equipment, has also been closed.

Last week, South Korea’s largest company announced that Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung would be the seller of their fifth product. Huawei has been dropped from the list.

Meanwhile, China has expressed concern over not keeping the Chinese company in place of Indian FVG. They said China wants equal rights in any competition, transparency and fair environment in India. In a press briefing in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jeong Suang said, “We have seen reports related to the fact that two Chinese companies are not being taken into the fixture competition. The Chinese government has always encouraged its multinational companies to comply with international law and local regulations. They will manage activities through economic cooperation.

“We hope that the concerned country will create equal areas of competition and give Chinese companies a transparent and fair process,” he said. The economic relationship between China and India is favorable to both sides and both of them benefit. This relationship is going well. ‘

In a statement last week, Huawei said, we actively cooperate with local telecom operators, Indian government and local authorities and partners. We hope that we will also be taken along with us to create a five-digit network. ET Telecom, Live Mint