Incredible! I’m driving in Saudi ..

A midwife of Saudi Arabian Raya Altaowly is a midwife. After permitting women to drive there, Rao himself went to work and went to work. He told the BBC his experience. In his reply, it was presented:

‘I have been sleeping today before normal days. Tensions have not fallen on the whole night. Today, I’m going to the office by myself. This is not the first time sitting in the seat, sitting in the driver’s seat. I still can not believe that I am driving in the streets of Jeddah.

Saudi Arabia has lifted restrictions on driving women from today. I was awake till midnight. From the moment I lifted the ban, I was looking for pictures of women driving and videos in social media.

‘The first day is a little quiet, because summer holidays are going on in the schools. Of course, it is good for the newly new, concerned drivers. I came out with some suggestions and encouragement from my father.

‘I did not stop feeling frightened in front of the police. I have a license, and I’m legally driving in Saudi Arabia. A coffee biscuit stopped by the coffee shop barista. Barista I was the first woman driver that took coffee.

‘I used to drive while studying midwives in Bahrain. I have a driving license since 2005. I have an international license too. During the vacation in Dubai, Portugal and the United States, I used to drive in that license.

‘Turning the Bahraini license into a Saudi license was easy. But the chance of getting a driving test was no longer available. There was so much demand, till July, everything was booked in advance. Fortunately, my sister and I got a chance a few weeks ago and passed the first time.

“My father and brother encouraged me and my younger sister. They also help us get the license. I’m a midwife and a PhD in obstetrics from the UK. It is very useful to drive midwives in Europe and other developed countries. Sometimes pregnant mother may need to be taken to hospital urgently. That’s better than waiting for an ambulance.

‘Since childhood in Saudi Arabia, child birth is valid, in the near future, Saudi mothers can give birth to babies with midwives. In this, women health workers and doctors will be able to reach Latayat shifts exactly. They do not have to wait for the taxi.

“I am now entering the main gate of Jeddah’s eastern hospital. I work here. Nobody disturbed me on the way, and I did not even look at me. I think, not the first day, I have been driving here for so many days.

‘We have to go far further. Today is a historic day. I think such other historic days are coming for Saudi women. ‘