Imran Khan is only a player in the circus run by Pakistan’s Army

Last Wednesday, there was a general election in Pakistan. Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI), ahead of the Election Commission’s official and informal results, is ahead of the other political parties. In a speech on Thursday, the PTI chairman has given a hint of formation of the government. Nindukara says, Imran Khan’s remarkable achievements in support of the army’s unrivaled support.

Fatima Bhutto’s column has been published in the opinion section of The Guardian a day before the election in the general election. Fatima, the grandson of the first elected chief of Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Although he was born in a political family, he has not yet been a member of any political party.

According to Fatima, Pakistan’s democracy has now become a circus. And the army of this circus organizer. Imran Khan is only a circus player, and nothing else.

Fatima Bhutto wrote, ‘We have strong ringmasters in our circus, there is a lion trapped in a cage. Even cruelty to animals has been added to it. The last performance has started before this circus is over. It appeared in Clown. Former cricket star Imran Khan’s political record is opportunism and loyalty.

Fatima Bhutto draws a series of events in 2006. In his words, at that time Imran Khan opposed a bill of protection of women in the country. Bill was proposed to reform the provision of women’s imprisonment for sex or adultery before marriage. Due to the law, women who had been raped had to go to jail, not rapists. But Imran Khan opposed the reform of this law.

Fatimar claims, chairman of PTI’s patriarch of blasphemy law, a supporter of Pakistan. The former cricket star is in no position to give a sense of allocation for the army in the national budget. Fierce anti-female Imran Apart from militant organizations, he also has his dahram-mahram.

Taking the history of PTI formation, Fatima wrote that the party formed by the thread of the anti-corruption movement, but at different times the corrupt leaders of other political parties have gathered in their homes. The Pakistan Peoples Party and the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), the corrupt leaders have gone to PTI from these two parties.

Referring to a series of suicide attacks against Pakistan’s elections, Fatima Bhutto wrote that “PTI-supporters are a specific brand of barbarism.” In view of the current situation of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the grandson of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto has asked Imran to take lessons from history. He said, those who support Imran today, the army had once been riding on the neck of Nawaz and now he was arrested.

Fatima wrote that, before the election, PTI-pro-publishers publicly blew a donkey with a stomach. Because, Imran compared the PML-N leaders to the donkey! Referring to this incident, Fatima Bhutto raises the question, ‘So think how will this political party behave after winning?’ According to him, Imran Khan lowered his head in front of only the mighty.

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